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  1. Dynamic Roof Load limit of 110 lbs

    Bought a Tacoma instead and it sticks just fine. 🤷‍♂️ Still curious if it would stick to the Bronco roof though.
  2. Lead Foot Gray 2023 Bronco Spotted! In Everglades Trim

    Been a hundred years so far. Can't see this "fad" ending soon.
  3. Shh- Don’t tell Ford—OEM Roof Rack on 2.7 Badsquatch

    You weren't under the impression that this wasn't a tongue-in-cheek post were you?
  4. NEW FOR 2022 - Patrol HD _ // 2021+ Bronco Wheels

    These are awesome. Seriously considering getting a set for my wife's 4Runner
  5. Ford CEO Jim Farley Confirms ICE Future for the Bronco and Mustang

    They are relevant now in some respects. But anyone that thinks that ICE engines will be 100% dead in 20 years is delusional.
  6. Highway speeds in 4H - did I hurt my transmission?

    4wd will do nothing to prevent hydroplaning. Reducing speed will do a lot to reduce hydroplaning.
  7. My 2-Door Basesquatch 2.7L Build

    This is why the Base exists. Looks awesome.
  8. Bronco Raptor review video by TFL

    This thing looks silly. It's cool in theory but I just don't think it's well executed visually.
  9. Eruption Green Retro Bronco Build! 🤩

    Nothing wrong with that. That Explorer looks cool as hell. Silly...but cool as hell.
  10. Eruption Green Retro Bronco Build! 🤩

    The Eruption Green is a bit too metallic to go with the decals I think. They'd look better on a forest/flatter green. Need to work with whats offered though. Retro is hard to pull off perfectly I think. But damn... Every time I see ProComps on a new Bronco I can't love it enough.
  11. Bad Blue 2-Door Bronco Badlands Build Journal

    Love it. I wouldn't do the roof white but that's just me. I think it looks just right as is. White wheels, when they work, look so damn good.
  12. Mike Levine and Ford have a solution if you are an early reservation holder still waiting... 🙄

    Thanks, Mike. I'm already ahead of you. Moved on to a truck from a different brand that was able to get me my truck faster than Ford could get me a Bronco. I wasn't even in a real rush. The whole situation just turned me off the Bronco and Ford. Sometimes I think everyone here is too hard on...
  13. DMOS Delta Shovel - (15% off discount code) Have you seen this thing???

    I don't mind paying a bit for something cool and a bit lux or whatever. But....WTF? I bet my $40 Mastercraft Maximum shovel will work better, and last longer, than this thing. Moving parts don't make a good shovel. I have a $30 folding shovel that isn't very good. But I can break it five or six...

    You need to buy lowercase tires. Uppercase will for sure rub.
  15. What's up with the gauges ?

    I dunno....this looks awesome to me!
  16. Got Our Bronco !

    Did you ever look at your 4Runner? It has a pinch weld just the same.
  17. Resolved to my satisfaction

    I bailed on the Bronco. I said I would look at the Bronco again in a year or two but each time I'm here I sour on the brand and the process a little more. I'll likely not buy a Bronco and more than likely will not buy a Ford. I I've never been a brand kind of person. With a strong opinion for...
  18. Snow breaches inside of Bronco w/ soft top during blizzard claims owner

    It's about 870miles to a Ford dealership in Whitehorse. Northern communities are well versed in getting things from the south. Likely came on a truck. Or they flew and drove it back. When you live in the middle of nowhere 20 hours to drive is nothing. Could have come by barge in the summer...
  19. Non-Sas Outer Banks with Badlands factory takeoffs wheels / tires - installed

    The dealer closest to me has a VB OBX mannequin. Looked silly to me with the stock wheels. After a couple of months they put a set of Badlands wheels and tires. Changed the look dramatically for the better.