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  1. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Thanks all, I am not seeing the amplified version availble on plugnplaykits.com. Only the non amplified kits.
  2. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Anyone find a reliable retailer with the Kicker Key 200.4 in stock? I've been trying to buy it for like 4 months and can't find it anywhere? Thanks!
  3. Bronco Raptor - REAL OFF ROAD TEST - by Lite Brite

    Excellent...thanks for sharing! The Raptor is tempting
  4. Bronco Hard Top 2.0 Cracking

    I have a 2DR, bought the soft top for it last summer. After removing the hard top, which is hanging in my garage, I doubt I will ever put it back on. It's just so fragile and taking the soft top on an off is no simple task. Ford should have made the soft top standard and sold the hard top as...
  5. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Really helpful...thanks. I put JL Audio C1-400x front and back about 8 months ago, with 300MHZ bass blockers in the front. So My guess is I can just go the plug and play route and be good to go. I don't plan on adding a sub, and I don't need super large volume of sound like I desired in my...
  6. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Quick question on this: The harness is described as totally plug and play. Do you have to run a 20A power line from the amp to the battery or does the harness address the power? If the harness handles the power, is it 20A? I don't know a ton about stereos but I was told the Kicker requires...
  7. 2 Door Rear Roll Bar Holes

    On my 2 door roll bars, just behind the speakers on each side, there is what looks like a washer welded onto the roll bar with a deep unthreaded hole. Anyone have any idea what the intended purpose is? Tried to search to see if this was already asked but I could not find anything. Looks like a...
  8. Icon 2.5 adjustable coilover install (Self Squatch)

    Awesome job. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing
  9. Runs rough at startup when cold

    I notice the same behavior in my 2.7 and it makes me nervous as I am only 10 days past the engine build date for the documented 2.7 engine valve failures. Everytime I start the car, I ask myself should I take it to the dealer. Feels like 1 cyclinder is misfiring and then it smooths itself out...
  10. 2 Door Soft top assist?

    I just reluctantly installed the 2 Door soft top on my Bronco. I got caught in one down pour with my hardtop hanging in the garage and that was enough for me. Install went well. Pretty happy with the Bestop soft top, except it's not easy for one person to raise and lower it and with it sitting...
  11. MGV and dogs?

    Mine have held up well. What did not was the control switch for the side view mirrors. Dog must have jumped in front seat and caught his paw on there and ripped the rubber cover off. Just a heads up. Probably a pretty unique instance but then again my dog is big goof
  12. VW Scout EV coming in off-road capable SUV and Pickup forms

    I thought I had read that Ford made a move to Trademark the name Scout....I wonder if they did and if so if they are not a silent partner in any organization using that trademark. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2019/04/fords-scouting-for-a-second-bronco-name/
  13. MPG - what is yours?

    Just completed a road trip from Baltimore to Kiawah Sout Carolina and back in my 2.7 AT SAS BD. Averaged 18.5 running High octane. I was pretty happy with that. Around home I was averaging 17 so adding more highway mileage into the calc it faired better in overall MPG. I also feel that as...
  14. "Homemade" hard top lift tips!

    Did something similar, got it off okay but have yet to put it back on. I will be a little nervous on the “put back on” step.
  15. New Product Release: IAG EZ-Step Add-on Kits for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    The petite wife loves these…..
  16. Speaker Upgrade

    There is a good thread out here if you use search on a small kicker amp that can be installed pretty easily and sits inside your dash behind the glovebox or somewhere in there. People are reporting good results. I may look into it as well...
  17. Speaker Upgrade

    Maybe a really big washer, would bite enough to hold them in place? Just a thought, I'm sure you probably tried that.
  18. What MPG are you owners getting?

    I had a 4 DR 2.3 MT, Black Diamond 32" Steelies Soft Top and was getting around 22 combined, I have since gotten a 2 DR 2.7 BD SAS Auto MIC Top and I am seeing 17 combined.
  19. Turbosmart BOV for 2021+ Ford Bronco! Install, Review, and Sound Clips

    Does the 50/50 impact fuel economy negatively or impact the factory warranty? Really liking the sound the upgrade produces. Thanks
  20. Massachusetts WTT - Black beauty rings for silver

    I was looking to powder coat my silver ones black. Bronco has 2k miles on it. I wonder what the shipping would be. I’m in MD. DM and we can discuss