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  1. Wrong order being built

    "The update didn't stick".......Dayum, just when you think you've heard it all. Good luck, I hope you can get it straightened out.
  2. Can a Bronco rekindle a 20+ year relationship?

    In a word Steven, "yes". My dearest, and myself are still waiting on our Bronco, but we do enjoy our Jeep. When we're out if we want to take the back road, we just make the turn. Here's a couple pics from our cross country adventure a couple years ago. You guys are going to have a ball. On a...
  3. Badlands and a Cricket

    Looks great Norris, and as an added plus they match up in color. (y)
  4. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    Man RZ, I hate to hear your baby is sick. Hopefully you can get it recovered soon as I know how much you must hate to leave it alone in the woods. Good luck brother.
  5. Now You Want It

    You can try to get it back brother. However, I'm afraid you're gonna have to suck it up too "just one of those things, lesson learned". Good luck.
  6. [Update: It’s Back!!] Delivered Bronco taken back to Michigan by Ford

    Happy to hear your babies home Betty. It's good lookin' for sure. Enjoy. BTW, at 5'2" my dearest is vertically challenged also. So, I know your predicament. I had to buy side steps for my Ranger to help her out. :)
  7. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    I've owned a Wrangler JL for a bit over three years, and that danged UConnect 4 lady still can't understand my southern accent. I guess she's just to hard headed to learn. I hope they hired someone else for the UConnect 5. :)
  8. 2023 Bronco Model Details?

    Anthony, you forgot to add "Price Increase". :)
  9. [Update: It’s Back!!] Delivered Bronco taken back to Michigan by Ford

    OK brother, you've been here long enough to know you can't say something like this without including the problems you are dealing with. Inquiring minds want to know. :) BTW, I hope you get that Bronco squared away soon. @BeeMiller, I hope you get your baby back soon. I'm thinking your's may not...
  10. Auto start/stop disabled but I didn’t do anything

    Thanks Bryan. I wanted tot post this, but my neighbors 12 year old isn't home to show me how. :)
  11. Auto start/stop disabled but I didn’t do anything

    OP, this one went off the rails quickly. :) The system has a ton of parameters that have to be met before it will work. For example my vehicle (not a Bronco) may, or may not work if the air conditioner is running hard. A quick stop by your dealer may help. As you've seen many of us have a...
  12. Picked up Bronco today -

    Looks great Jeff, and I glad everything was settled properly. Enjoy the ride. Oh, and BTW, thank you so much for not telling me it's "worth the wait". :)
  13. How many of you are letting your wife have the Bronco?

    @Shefoot Ah haaaa, it's what I suspected along Kim. Somehere there is a handbook titled "How to control your man", and somewhere in that instructional manual there is a page that references this situation. Of course the wife denies this, but y'all have a hiding place for the book I know. The...
  14. Has your dealer asked if you want to cancel your order?

    That's the way I see it also Rob. The OP said the deposit/refund runs out in one year. It must be time, and the dealer just seems to be asking if he wants to continue. I don't see anything nefarious about the email.
  15. Should I be worried or is this the norm?

    Well sir, that pretty much sums it up nicely.
  16. STOLEN!! 2 Door Wildtrak Day 1 Order

    Ah, she ain't that big. I think you can take her. :cool: :p
  17. .

    TBH the bloom has fallen off the Bronco rose for me. I knew it was over when a Bronco passed by in a local grocery store parking lot, and I didn't even take a second look. The excitement has waned, and Ford has given me time to find out that there is actually another vehicle out there that would...
  18. Trying to gauge how many 1st month reservations are stull unfulfilled.

    I'm in the boat right next to you brother. I too called around, and got the same findings. I've bought quite a few cars from Hilbish. When I ask my go to sales guy about their pricing he just smiled. Then I knew that he knew there was going to be an ADM added, and then he knew that I knew I...
  19. Trying to gauge how many 1st month reservations are stull unfulfilled.

    That's just sad TR. It's not like you've ordered a WildTrak with the LUX, and MIC top. Big Bends were the ones that were suppose to be an easy build. Good luck my Tar Heel brother, I hope you get some movement soon. BTW, I'm close to Concord. If you don't mind me asking who did you order from...
  20. Ate a boulder, brakes locked up

    That does suck TD. That must be a "one of a kind" boo boo as I've not seen anything like that happen before. But as the old saying goes, "if we gonna play, we gotta pay". :) Hope you get your baby back out there soon.