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  1. Boring paint options?

    Haha they are mixed up. But you can still extrapolate the data that’s on the orders page
  2. Boring paint options?

    yea, even when you look at the options that were originally available, we still chose greys and blues
  3. ChompSticks

    Georgia Bronco

    @GABroncin we've all been there at least more than once in some other circumstance!
  4. Switching Plastic to Capable Bumper…

    Yup, sawzall off the tow rings. Also may need new parking sensor mounts
  5. Aftermarket F/R Bumper List, Factory add-ons and Compatibilities with Sensors

    Found Vanguard front winch and rear starting at 1035.5 and 722 Options to come with lights or none https://vanguardoffroad.com/i-30498793?q= https://vanguardoffroad.com/i-30498965?q= Rough Country Rear $714...
  6. 2.7 what is the best winch bumper?

    There is a spreadsheet I made for most of the bumper offerings that include whether they work with parking sensors, radar, camera or have winches. On that note; I know JCR and mountains2metal makes a camera relocation kit that attaches to the fairlead. I have not seen anything for ACC though...
  7. ChompSticks

    Georgia Bronco

    Always have fun on old bucktown! especially some of the small side shoots
  8. Post your Bronco's garage mates!

    Bronco shares the driveway with my 96 town car. The garage gets a manual swapped E55 Wagon, E300 Diesel and Suzuki X-90
  9. Aftermarket F/R Bumper List, Factory add-ons and Compatibilities with Sensors

    This is my favorite rear bumper, I have their front Stubby installed. Quality seems alright so far!
  10. Aftermarket F/R Bumper List, Factory add-ons and Compatibilities with Sensors

    Yes it's actually one of my favorites. just wish it was a bumper mounted license plate
  11. Black Diamond Wheels on a Badlands?

    It’s always been an X-90!
  12. Black Diamond Wheels on a Badlands?

    My Lift was a Sasquatch lift. About 2" if suspension lift vs a base Black diamond. As far as the crash bars, I removed the front because of the front bumper, the rear is still in place and I do not seem to rub with the tires and lift.
  13. 🛠 3/14/22 Build Week Group

    Still around right at 8k. Last update was Oracle tail lights with reverse wires up to an AUX switch. Also finally lost one of my F-150 center caps, so gotta modify another one.
  14. Most important skid plate besides front

    Rear shock skids. I nailed both sides pretty good that it almost punctured the shock itself.
  15. Aftermarket F/R Bumper List, Factory add-ons and Compatibilities with Sensors

    Spreadsheet has been updated. there is a New Sheet for products from Extreme terrain under the brands RedRock, Scorpion and Barricade. I honestly do not know if they work with ACC or 360 cameras yet, Hopefully someone who has it installed can chime in. Great thing about their bumpers is it...
  16. My 2 Door Race Red Bronco Heritage Build

    Stronger than me! I am only 5'7 and I think i'd throw my back out try to get it up that high... LOL But I was eyeing those wheels too since I love steelies so much. I ended up modifying some stock ford center caps to fit my steel wheels to give it a modern retro vibe. s Love the outcome of...
  17. My 2 Door Race Red Bronco Heritage Build

    how heavy are those wheels?
  18. Guide for Barricade/RedRock/Scorpion bumpers at ExtremeTerrain.com

    A guide to Barricade/RedRock/Scorpion bumpers at ExtremeTerrain.com since these pops up commonly. This is located on master Aftermarket bumper list and a sheet that says "ExtremeTerrain" or you can click the hyperlink on the main page. Aftermarket Bumpers These are all the same bumpers with...
  19. The Bus Stop (2 door) Build

    Latest update, added mountains2metal roof tray basket, JCR rear shelf and Oracle tail lights with stickerfabs harness to turn on the reverse lights with an auxilary switch.