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  1. Michigan AC-FAB Rear Shock Skids - New, Never Installed/ Used - $100

    Have a pair of AC Fab's beefy rear shock skids, which are brand-spankin' new and never been used. These are made out of 3/16"powdercoated steel and include drain slots. More details available here: https://ac-fab.com/products/rear-shock-skids Asking $100; MSRP is $150. Prefer a local...
  2. Mabett 6.5" Rear Speaker Pods Available Now!

    Thanks; unfortunately I bought them already. Sent you a note on Facebook about it.
  3. Recall: Rearview Camera issue fix coming via OTA over-the-air software update

    And thanks to the "new" recall issued yesterday, we now know why (and why my dealer said there wasn't an update available to push to mine over FDRS):
  4. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    So, question about running DSP with all factory tone controls at their minimum - does that mean you're effectively locked out of tone adjustment after the fact? I ask because while I do listen to a lot of music, when I listen to podcasts I often find I have to strip bass almost entirely out of...
  5. Program new FOB using FORscan?

    Nope. It not only requires FDRS but my understanding is fob programming also requires an additional industry license that costs another couple hundo on top of whatever FDRS access you've paid for. Don't have a link to all the official Ford pages saying as much, but the MachE folks found the...
  6. Bronco Essentials for a Novice. PLEASE advise!

    Want to carry tall cargo? You merely fold the lid back on the Diabolical, or quickly remove it. On the Tuffy, that's a more involved process. It's especially clear when it comes to wanting to carry long cargo. Diabolical's design lets you do so relatively easily. On the Tuffy, if you want to...
  7. Bronco Essentials for a Novice. PLEASE advise!

    I have that, and if I could do it all again, I wouldn't. I'd instead go with Diabolical's security enclosure. Yes, it's quite expensive, but it's made and shipped with care, and is far more versatile than the Tuffy.
  8. Muddy water fording alternator issue fix: TSB 22-2392 -- Mud Accumulation in Generator

    Think I'll just order the part myself and have a go at installing it...no way a dealer will cover this preemptively and no way I'll have an issue with it before warranty runs up.

    @plugnplaykits Joe, can you help me determine what I need? Initially, I was eyeing your "11.2" kit with the amp, PNP harness, and the cable for running a powered sub. Does this adapter connect to/ work with your PNP harness somehow?
  10. Mabett 6.5" Rear Speaker Pods Available Now!

    They allegedly only had two when I bought mine right after posting that, so they appear to be trickling in...
  11. Mabett 6.5" Rear Speaker Pods Available Now!

    Sure about that? 9:22 pm EST, 3/9...
  12. Anyone have a work around the get the search option to work on the navigation while driving?

    The CANOPENER device is one solution - love mine - but it's expensive and requires taking apart most of your dashboard. The Forscan approach is easier, but does disable 911 assist, among other things. I didn't want that, so went the harder route
  13. Mabett 6.5" Rear Speaker Pods Available Now!

    Looks like they're finally back in stock now, but the original promo has expired. @Mabett, is there any way to get that promo price again?
  14. Ford Dealer Requiring Resale Right-of-First-Refusal From New Bronco Raptor Buyer

    If I'm keeping this and there's a clear time limit, all too happy to sign this. But did I miss an expiration in this case?
  15. High-Clearance Exhaust from RTR Vehicles!

    Thanks. No worries, I understand - but can anyone there speak to how loud/ droning it might be cruising on a 2.3? There are a lot of things I like about this design, but that is my one concern.
  16. High-Clearance Exhaust from RTR Vehicles!

    Is the exhaust tip posted of a 2.3L or 2.7L? If the latter...do you have any clips of it installed on a 2.3? Also, are these not eligible for the 10% discount code your site provides after enrolling in several different marketing lists?
  17. PPE Transmision Pan installed

    Forgot to ask - is it dimensionally any taller than the stock pan? Curious how it might affect skid clearance...
  18. Canada - BC Kicker Key 200.4 + Infinity Basslink Sub

    ...out of curiosity, what would shipping to the 48843 ZIP code be?
  19. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    Can't view remaining oil life in the gauge cluster unless I bring a vehicle to a complete stop. Never mind I can reconfigure screens and scroll through other gauge menus while on the fly; apparently knowing estimated oil life is a bridge too far for Ford lawyers...