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  1. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    My unpopular bronco opinion is when I drove one in September I fell in love with the novelty more than anything. (BL 4dr lux 2.3 auto softtop no sas) I got a gladiator in December and have been driving it for the past 5 months. When I saw a manual sasquatch (BL 4dr mid manual hardtop sas) at my...
  2. Who else is losing hope?

    Less than that. 7pin is only required in most states over 3klbs towing. and with a 3500lb tow capacity... i doubt even 1% of all bronco towers (forget 1% of all bronco owners) are planning on getting that on top of the razor's edge that is between 3001 and 3500 lbs
  3. Turning in 4WD

    Considering you have never owned a vehicle with a 4x4 system like this, was it actually too much to expect you to read the manual? I just don't get where people's heads are at. They buy the second most expensive thing they are ever likely to buy, and just completely skip learning anything about...
  4. So discouraged - delivery delayed

    They aren't saying you have no right to be disappointed. They are saying this is the wrong crowd to voice it to. For example: some people are perpetually skinny. Unable to gain weight no matter how hard they try. 7000 calorie days? Who cares they gain a pound that is soon lost. This is a...
  5. Did the new Ford Bronco "RUIN IT" for others😎

    As a current driver of a 22 gladiator and a hopeful owner of a 23 Bronco (though allocation formula says more like 2027). Nah, sorry. I love the bronco so much more than any JL/JLU/JT, but the Bronc's interior is not the reason it's gonna steal some jeep marketshare.
  6. Ordered in December 2021 and just got my VIN and in production!

    Meanwhile I'm not expected to get my Bronco until 2027 based off Ford's allocation formula...
  7. 💰 2022 Bronco Raptor Starting Price: $69,995

    FE has lux package, Raptor is high as standard. There's still more room for expense in the raptor. I imagine another 3k for lux, and a few raptor only options gets a fully loaded raptor up to 76-78k. That's plenty of premium over FE IMO
  8. 💰 2022 Bronco Raptor Starting Price: $69,995

    I mean, yea these open topped modular vehicles are always more expensive than equivalents elsewhere. You can get a fully loaded tacoma trd-pro for 47. a fully loaded gladiator goes up to 62 pretty easily. More importantly, with the 392 starting at 76, anyone expecting the Raptor to start...
  9. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    I have a Gladiator 18 month buyback lease from Tom that I just got last month. that gives Ford 17 months to figure their life out and still keep me as a customer. If my buyback runs out and I don't have my Bronco (which seems extremely likely at this point) then I'm done with Ford. For good.
  10. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    i'm 300+ on your list. Your regional reps are refusing to comment on the fact that the allocation they are giving you means you have over 6 years' worth of reservations? The lack of communication from Ford about how they plan to handle you/granger/SAC is nigh-unfathomable.
  11. My bronco was towed this morning

    The app registers where the car was the last time it was shut off. If you were towed, the vehicle was never turned on to register a new location.
  12. Oxford White Wildtrak with Stealth PPF Wrap + Ceramic Coat

    I'd like to see one where the windshield surround matches the MIC top. I've seen the windshield surround in black on soft tops and liked the two-tone impression it creates. Just not sure how well the effect would work with the MIC grey
  13. No BASE trim available in Build & Price

    Is this a mistake, or a harbinger of things to come?
  14. ManSquatch arrived!

    this is a legitimate complaint. BB mansquatch? could've had a badlands for 1k more. BD mansquatch? badlands is cheaper. all not to mention BL lets you add packages to a manual. funny how an extra $1600 for no reasons other than "we can get away with it" fucks up the whole price comparison.
  15. Nomnom Base Sasquatch log

    This is just a fact of life for every vehicle manufactured with frameless windows. To get a tight seal, when closed they need to inset into the weatherstripping on the body more than is tolerable for opening and closing. While this is not a Bronco specific problem, the fact that the Bronco...
  16. Sasquatch - 2-Door Base vs Big Bend: $4,485 Price Difference?

    The long story short is base exists to advertise a low price. As far as ford is considered the Big Bend is the base model. The fact that they ever offer sasquatch on base is kind of amazing to me.
  17. Bronco Raptor will reportedly have a manual transmission option

    I'll believe this when I see it confirmed. Not that it matters to me. While I love a manual, i have no interest in buying something as expensive as a raptor. I'll stick to my base 2dr mansquatch
  18. Best Model for Resale

    Jeep rubicon has a LOT more locked behind that trim than just a sway bar disco. The sasquatch package does 99% of the things the badlands does without the extra cost. I still hold I think base sasquatch will have the highest %
  19. Classic question about VIN number lol

    In sudden summer showers, a flipped back softtop is a lot easier to close than taken off hardtop panels. One you just stand up and grab the top and pull it forward and hit 2 clamps. Other you gotta get out, go to the cargo area, unbag panels, put them on one at a time, then hit a series of clamps.
  20. Navigation subscription expired

    navigation subscription is the biggest scam in the game right now. Really glad the base has android auto.