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  1. Bronco held at dealership for airbag

    Seriously - the handling of this has been magical. I called @Ford Motor Company and got bounced around and ended up talking to a rep in the recall department after an hour on the phone. After giving her my VIN and the recall number multiple times she was adamant that there was not a stop...
  2. Bronco held at dealership for airbag

    Quick update - curious if y'all are hearing anything different... There are 3 units (all two door hard tops) on my dealer's lot impacted by the recall. They say they ordered the airbag / trim "as soon as they were able" and received the parts for the first unit on the 12/22 and the second one...
  3. Bronco held at dealership for airbag

    Echo this - Dealer just called to tell me they were notified they could order the part. Mine has been sitting on the lot for since 12/7 waiting for this to be resolved to take it home. Fingers crossed this is the last in the growing list of delays. 524 days and counting.....