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  1. North Rim Grand Canyon the last week in April. I need some general information from people in the know?

    The North Rim does not open until May 15 officially. I have heard service roads will be open weather permitting and you can drive to a few viewing areas of the Canyon on these roads. I have the Fun Treks book for Arizona and it shows a few nice easy trails to use to get to viewing areas. I...
  2. Who should I blame for these POS tires on my new Bronco? Goodyear Ford or both?

    The GY on my SAS really suck! I live down on the farm in Iowa and I have 3/4 mile of gravel road I picked new Bronco up and drove home. These pictures are from less than one mile on gravel road; each tire has over 100 rocks stuck in the tread. The tires are terrible this should not happen...
  3. Any Broncos in Ouray CO area Sept 4-8?

    Just thought I would throw this out. My wife and I will be in Ouray CO area Sept 4-8 just wanted to see if anyone wanted to run any passes? I have done about all the trails in that area several times in a rented Jeep and some in a F150. I have not done Black Bear or Poughkeepsie Gultch but I...
  4. Should I buy this Black Diamond 2 Door Iconic Silver for MSRP?

    I have a chance to buy BD 2 Door Iconic Silver 2.3 for $44K at MSRP. Should I buy it? It has most features I want but does not check all the boxes of what I want. At this price I don't think I can get hurt if I sell later on to get exactly what I want. What do you think?