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  1. 3-27-2023 Build week

    When do you think Window Stickers will show up?
  2. 3-27-2023 Build week

    Mine still says week of 3/27/23. That's all, hasn't changed since I got bumped into this week
  3. 3-27-2023 Build week

    Exactly. Not good build week mates for sure...
  4. 3-27-2023 Build week

    Bueller? Bueller? We are two weeks away from production and this thread is buried on page 4 or something. Let's go folks, it's almost go time!
  5. Is there a 3/27/2023 build week thread?

    There is. Not very active but it does exist. Here's the link: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/3-27-2023-build-week.63976/
  6. Waiting for add-ons

    Mine is scheduled for production week of 3/27, but I have both of those ordered as well and my dealer said the same thing. Problem is, my dealer is 3.5 hours away. If I understood my dealer correctly, he could get those 2 items and have them installed at time of delivery. The way I understood...
  7. Anyone regret not getting a Basesquatch?

    Not even a little bit!
  8. Not REALLY a $2500 incentive then is it…

    Not a chance me personally am paying ADM at this point (unless it is a very constrained build type and even then it would have to be exactly what I had ordered). Look at the orders scheduled in the last 3 months, base, OBX, BB are almost a common build now. Shop around, unless you are in a very...
  9. Show us your auxiliary back up lights!

    WOW! Those really light it up behind you.
  10. Show us your auxiliary back up lights!

    Do you happen to have a night time picture of the FOV these provide?
  11. Reminder: COVP Deadline is March 7. Currently 28% of Bronco Orders Still Not COVP'd and Approved

    I honestly can't remember if I did COVP or not. I know that sounds terrible but I can't remember. My dealership is about 3 hours away and everything has been thru phone and email. I don't remember sending a copy of my license but might have. ANYWAY, I have a scheduled for build the week of...
  12. Need Advice--Should I Cancel My Unscheduled Order?

    X2 Or cancel. People have been waiting 2 years for what they ordered. You have what you want, you don't have to try to make a quick buck at someone else's expense. Just cancel and maybe someone from this community that is waiting can get to enjoy one as well without getting gouged (any worse)...
  13. 3-27-2023 Build week

    Did you get an email as well or just updated in tracker?
  14. Best way to sell Bronco?

    You gotta have a VIN at the very least. If not you're asking for a quote on something that you don't own, it doesn't even exist. Seriously?? Multiple people on this thread want to know exactly what someone will give them for a vehicle they don't own and hasn't been built yet.
  15. 1979’s Badsquatch on 37's + Fifteen52 Analog HD Wheels + Eibach Coilovers + More

    Dude, I'm such a dumba**. I didn't even look at your username. My bad. I thought you were referencing a 79' Bronco, and I was dumbfounded. It turns out I"m just dumb. :ROFLMAO:
  16. Picking up my Bronco today

    You're not wrong, but there are also more people that make it home or wherever they're going without doing all of that. It's personal choice how far someone wants to go. With most things their are extremes and somewhere in the middle is where the majority live.
  17. 1979’s Badsquatch on 37's + Fifteen52 Analog HD Wheels + Eibach Coilovers + More

    Good looking rig but still trying to figure out what the hell 1979 has to do with this post...
  18. 3/20/2023 Build Week with spreadsheet

    I received an email. When I checked order tracker the new date was displayed as well.
  19. 3/20/2023 Build Week with spreadsheet

    I got bumped to 3/27 as well and I'm an AUTO. What I noticed though, was everyone that got bumped was a 2.3L EXCEPT for 2, and both of those were Wildtraks... Interesting