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  1. AR | MAGNUM STIRRUP® Full Length Billet Aluminum Side Step for OEM Rock Rail - Bronco6G Exclusive Part

    I get supply issues and appreciate the effort to expedite orders. That being said, the stainless bolts stand out significantly and I do not like the way they look.
  2. What’s your most annoying feature on the Bronco?

    The most annoying feature is the poor build quality that Ford seems to be doing nothing to fix.
  3. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I just received a phone call from my dealer stating they have all the parts but the synchronizer. They said the part number is changing for the synchronizer and that the new part is not yet available for order. Has anyone else heard this?
  4. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    During the first week I had my Bronco, I noticed two bolts missing that secure the overhead portion of the Hardtop, the plate that connects the missing bolts was misaligned, and there were scratches and gouges to paint of the frame that supports the hardtop. I opened a case that went nowhere...
  5. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Yep, I sure am. They certainly succeeded in getting my hopes up that someone at Ford actually cares about the quality of the vehicles they produce, but ultimately the answer bots/Ford customer care just wasted my time and only succeeded in making me angrier.
  6. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I think Ford is more interested in minimizing a class action suit. In relation to some other quality issues I've experienced with my Bronco, based on some of the communications I have received in the last few days from both the dealership and the obnoxious bots who keep inserting themselves into...
  7. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    It was present at the time of purchase for me at the beginning of October last year. Like a lot of others, I just thought it was radiator gurgling. The noise has gotten a little louder but it also shifts smoothly and easily. TSB issue was confirmed by dealer and parts are on (back)order.
  8. Post your Bronco's garage mates!

    I also have a Kia Ev6
  9. AR | MAGNUM STIRRUP® Full Length Billet Aluminum Side Step for OEM Rock Rail - Bronco6G Exclusive Part

    I received mine about a month ago and the stainless bolts are the only disappointment.
  10. Is your 7MT manual transmission making grinding / scraping noise too? Spreadsheet, Video and all resources for rotational scraping noise in the 7MT's

    I really appreciate the convenience and organization of this thread for tracking & diagnosing the issue. I picked up my Bronco in early October and live in SE Michigan, where it has been below 50 much of the time since I purchased. My Bronco definitely fits the criteria, but like many others, I...
  11. AR | MAGNUM STIRRUP® Full Length Billet Aluminum Side Step for OEM Rock Rail - Bronco6G Exclusive Part

    Just received shipping notification! Order 4972: Magnum Stirrup Post-Machined 2-door. Ordered 10/11/22
  12. 7th Gen 2030 Bronco Coming End of 2029, Together With Electric Bronco EV (TE1 Platform)

    That’s 7-years off before production begins. A lot will change between now and then. My daily is a Kia EV6, and I’ve had no problems driving it from Ann Arbor to Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Toronto. The charging infrastructure is rapidly improving, and given the right charger, my Kia...
  13. Garage Makeover For Your Bronco? Show Yours 📸

    I had to clean about 15 years worth of accumulated (useless) stuff to just perfectly fit the Miata on dollies in the back corner. There is also a hoist above the Mach E for easy roof removal.
  14. UPDATE/ Ford IS Warranting MIC top v2 developing hairline cracks

    It was still in the factory delivery mode when I initially test drove and it had less than ten miles on it. Pretty sure it’s a factory defect and quality control issue. I’m still waiting for the bolts. My dealer has yet to actually remove the top to inspect the scratches. My annoyance is quickly...
  15. Quick Survey - Bronco or Defender?

    To me the Defender looks most at home in a mall parking lot.
  16. Things I wish I knew before going to a Bronco Off-Roadeo - add yours

    What day are you going? I’m reserved for Saturday the 12th and staying at the Red Rock. I do have a car rented.
  17. Don't like auto start stop

    Yeah, I've never turned AS/S off. I barely notice it as a feature, but good to know if I do turn it off. Maybe it just works better with the added millisecond of pressing the clutch and shifting into 1st. Aside from hybrids, the only cars I've owned that had AS/S have been manuals.