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  1. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

  2. Bronco Raptor orders -- what's your status? Scheduled | Unscheduled | Built | Produced | Delivered

    Short of a call from Jim Farley I don't believe there is a chance for any change. I've always been told no changes once a VIN is issued. Not unique to the Bronco (Raptor). Don't worry, you'll be happy with whatever color you ordered!
  3. Bronco Raptor orders -- what's your status? Scheduled | Unscheduled | Built | Produced | Delivered

    Me too....for the week of the 12th.....just got the email. I know a "scheduled" email doesn't mean built but it's closer and closer.
  4. I was expecting a very different email!!!

    I was allocated a Raptor...Ford converted the reservation/order. Why would I leave the order the same? Guess you don't know how that works. Wish I was rich. 2 1/2 years waiting entitles me to express frustration.
  5. I was expecting a very different email!!!

    Add me to your list.....Day 1, 1st hour reservation and converted to a Raptor in March this year and still not scheduled. My dealer reached out a couple of weeks ago and said I needed to change to beadlocks to get scheduled which I did. They asked their Ford rep to schedule it but nothing...
  6. ⏰ No Bronco Scheduling This Week (9/12). 2023MY Scheduling Starts 10/6/22

    "Good Morning Jefferey, I am showing that your Bronco Raptor “Balanced out” and has been moved to a 2023 model year that is listed as unscheduled clean. Thank you, Eric Pasteiner" Latest update this am from Ford Performance. No information (ever) from dealer and they get testy when I...
  7. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    Here is the response I got from my email to salesperson yesterday when I only inquired about upcoming dates/process for converting my 22 Unscheduled Clean Bronco Raptor order after not receiving emails from Ford: "don’t know how many time I have to tell you that your Raptor order is solid. I...
  8. ABS light, Service AdvanceTrac, Park Aid Fault, etc

    Got it back a couple hours later today (yea, amazingly they got it right in). Turned out they found metal shavings that were blocking the ABS sensor on one of the rear wheels. Picked it up and everything seems fine but wondering how that caused all the other faults. Tech said the factory didn't...
  9. ABS light, Service AdvanceTrac, Park Aid Fault, etc

    Now I have the same thing going on!! 500 mile Wildtrack and just driving down the street in ECO mode and bam warning lights all over the place. ABS and Service Advance Trac both remain on but others pop up including Collision Avoidance not working and others. Cannot change drive modes. Dealer...
  10. 2022 Bronco Raptor (Code Orange) @ 2022 NY Auto Show

    So is that the black interior or blue? Can't really tell from the lighting but looks black. Even though I ordered the blue......I'm worried I won't like it. Still torn but might be able to change my order since no VIN yet. Any thoughts appreciated.....
  11. 📄 2/11 Bulletin: Bronco Raptor Order Invitation Email, Customer Selection Process, Production, Allocation, FAQ

    I have little to no faith that my conversion will be handled properly by my dealership in a timely manner (THIS MONTH!). Call me skeptical but I would hate to lose my Golden Ticket because the dealership failed to follow through. Have asked in an email to them that I be notified when they...
  12. Still waiting after 4 months on order

    First hour reservation here.......crickets since order. Just wait until the Lightening info starts getting out. My dealer told me yesterday they had well over 200 reservations/orders for the F150 Lightening and Ford just allocated them 6 for 2022.
  13. Ford couldn't care less about early reservation holders

    Yep...7/14 first hour reservation-ordered in February...Ford knows nothing and dealer knows nothing. Crickets all around.......Yet mine is a larger dealer and new ones arriving daily for delivery. Chevy and used dealers on opposite corners have two each for sale on their lots now. Beyond...
  14. Sales Tax/Registration

    Depends on the state and their agreement with your state.. CA dealer collected the MI sales tax on a GT3 I purchased there and Indiana did not collect the MI sales tax on a GT350 R and I paid it when I registered it in MI.
  15. Reservation Problem

    And on top of all that I have a first hour reservation and a Feb 9, 2021 order date with DORA. When I wasn't getting emails from Ford I discovered that my reservation had been cancelled. What? Contacted Ford and they said the dealer cancelled it. Dealer said Ford cancelled it. Finally got it...
  16. Reservation Problem

    Feel for you man. With my current 2019 F150 the salesman sat in my truck and set up my Ford Pass account on my phone (as a courtesy) yea right...they get paid if you set up Ford Pass so I guess he wanted to make sure it was done) except that he misspelled my email address and I have never been...
  17. Will the new Bronco rat you out?

    My Ford dealer and Ford itself bugs the heck out of me to sign up for Ford Pass on each new vehicle I get. With Ford Pass I've realized they constantly have all the info they need to possibly deny a warranty claim, etc. due to driving habits, maintenance or whatever else. For me at least, the...
  18. Breaking news: January ordering, Summer delivery, Black First Edition interior, no manual Sasquatch & more

    Ever wonder why the sales person/dealership pushes so hard for you to activate Ford Pass? They'll know everything about you, your car and your driving habits. Might even use it to deny a warranty claim or given to the attorneys in a lawsuit. Not a conspiracy theorist, but they have to pay me a...
  19. Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    I new along Ford would screw this up.....just didn't think it would be so soon after the introduction. Reservation process being the mess it was should have told us all what we've already known about Ford. They weren't ready to introduce it and they sure as hell are nowhere near ready to...
  20. Homecoming! Launch Broncos (4 Door Cactus Gray & 2 Door Cyber Orange) on public display at Michigan Assembly Plant

    I was told at the event by a Ford employee that these were just "prototypes" and in fact had golf cart engines.....and he wasn't kidding. The dash in both vehicles looked like mock ups and clearly not functional. Still, it was fun to see them in the flesh.