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  1. Plastic Clip part number

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a plastic clip that accidentally broke. I was pulling off the plastic trim in the trunk area and used too much force and broke the plastic piece. Any one know the part number or where I can get a replacement?
  2. First Bronco Velcro Patch for my bronco

    Got these guys today. Ordered 3 Area 51 color and put it on the headliner. Haven't seen these patches yet.
  3. California Sold: FS 4 Door OEM Black Diamond Rock Rails

    Selling my factory 4 door Black Diamond Rock Rails. Only 150 miles on the rock rails. Replaced them with side steps and no longer need the rock rails. Have all OEM bolts and mounting hardware. See picture below. $400 OBO Located in Los Angeles specifcially in the San Gabriel Valley. Local...
  4. California Sold: FS Black Diamond OEM Take off wheels/tires $1000 OBO

    Less than 100 miles on the tires. Drove it straight home from the dealership to home and swap out with aftermarket wheels/tires. Comes with lugs/center cap/ 5 wheels/tires No Tmps sensors. Pick up in Los Angeles specifically San Gabriel Valley. DM Me
  5. Info on Prinsu Roof Rack

    I was searching online for all available aftermarket roof rack for the bronco. I stumble upon Prinsu roof rack but the site doesn't have much details on it. Ford Bronco Prinsu Roof Rack | 2022 - Prinsu Roof Racks Looking for specs and more pictures. Hopefully it comes out soon, I'm generally...
  6. Might be possible to upgrade 8" infotainment screen to 12"

    Hi, Been doing some digging on the topic of upgrading to the 12" screen for all the base, big bend, black diamond trim. I stumbled on a site that has an OEM 12" infotainment screen for the 2021-2022 F150 in the link below. 2021-2022 Ford F-150 8" to 12" Sync 4 Touchscreen Upgrade -...