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  1. Apple CarPlay inconsistent connectivity

    Same Issue!! Lol! She says… Thats because I am the Queen!
  2. JL Audio Fix 86 - Base audio measured - Flat front/rear FORSCAN settings

    Thanks! I did that. It sounds way better with the Stock settings with the Key amp And Kicker speakers for some reason I will probably recalibrate the microphone sound test again just to make sure. Love Forscan though! I have just about every annoying thing on the Bronco Turned off now...
  3. JL Audio Fix 86 - Base audio measured - Flat front/rear FORSCAN settings

    Hey there, can you help me with the stock numbers on the base stereo? I forgot to write them down after I changed everything because I didn’t think I would go back, but I agree. It totally sucks even with the key amp. It sounded way better with the stock settings. Thanks Rick.
  4. Default SPORT mode to 2H using Forscan?

    Nope! Every time I try to mess with some of the bigger stuff on Forscan I get a whole bunch of Warning lights, I don’t know how to turn off, so I just put it back! And try something else. I really want to get rid of that courtesy light/park lamp delay, but nothing gets rid of that.
  5. Then Versus Now! Transformation Time!

    Before: After:
  6. Installed New iKamper Blue Dot Voyager Series Solo

    I was thinking that! Being an ex over the road trucker! Lol! Trucker bombs they are called! For the ones the Litter bugs throw out on the side of the road! Injust rinsed them out out the truck stops!
  7. Satin White Bronco Raptor XPEL Stealth PPF Wrap

    Like the old Nug’ says…. Get ready… Get ready… Get ready… Storm troopers a com’in ….get ready !!!
  8. Default SPORT mode to 2H using Forscan?

    And! also get rid of the questions every time you start the car, just stay in the mode I put it in and leave me alone !!
  9. ForScan Rear Speaker & EQ Findings

    OK got it I was just confirming! These posts go on forever and ever, and get confusing sometimes Thanks
  10. ForScan Rear Speaker & EQ Findings

    Reading your post below just do 3800 and leave the 14F1 mode instead of the 28 you tried a long time ago? And 901 on the second one? I have the same set up as you, except for the woofer
  11. ForScan Rear Speaker & EQ Findings

    Got my Computer and Forscan Tried 3800 and 28F1 instead of 1-4 F1 900 to much rattle… back to 901 For the second address Have not really cranked it yet But hear more in back
  12. More play in the snow ... Gold Country Broncos

    I know! I have had my Bronco for 3 months now and finally went to play at PC-OHV last Friday Not really ready for Snow wheeling just yet…
  13. ForScan Rear Speaker & EQ Findings

    Cool!!! one more question did you re-do the microphone test-thing for the amp once you changed the settings in Forscan 1 more… you also kept the 28F1 in there also correct?
  14. ForScan Rear Speaker & EQ Findings

    thanks so leave it 901 when I get ready to change it ? I ordered a computer so I haven’t done it yet I’m collecting all the code data and writing it in a notebook, Looks like I have the same set up you have except for the powered subwoofer? So in your opinion, is it necessary to get a subwoofer...
  15. ForScan Rear Speaker & EQ Findings

    So…. After reading this page several times… is this the correct, or current settings you are using? 727-01-01 3800 28F1 0098 727-01-02 0900 000D 0048 Note: I have the kicker 200.4 And all kicker speakers in all stock locations with bass blockers in the Dash Speakers Will this Help the sucky...
  16. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Yep it’s called Prairie city off road park it’s a state park in California outside of Folsom. Five dollars to get in free if you’re a vet can’t beat that ! http://www.ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1221
  17. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Yeah! What a difference those make! Was slipping on some other stuff So I said f- it! And locked up before every hill after that. Lil’ blue said what hill from then on.