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  1. Top-off / topless etiquette and best practices

    I'll echo a lot of the replies here, but will add my thoughts... 1 - If I have the doors on and roof off, I go ahead and roll up the windows and lock the doors like any other vehicle. If everything is off, I put away anything valuable in either the glovebox or center console and lock them with...
  2. MIC Top Wind Noise Poll

    I voted "4-door no noise", but I guess the question is, what are you considering "noise" ? I don't have any ridiculously excessive wind noise, but it's obviously not as quiet as my Flex was with a fully enclosed roof and traditional headliner.
  3. More 2023 Bronco changes confirmed: Base sound gets 7 speakers, HOSS 3.0 standard on Wildtrak, Azure Gray added, Cyber Orange removed

    100% agree. It should at least be a standalone option like the front modular.
  4. Cooled seats option for 2023 Bronco?

    We'll see in the order guide for '23 that comes out in the next few days, but we've seen the Raptor and the heritage models have not had it. Though the heritage model did have perforated seats, so that argument is just an excuse I definitely miss having them.
  5. 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition (Badlands) Units to be Produced. Unlimited (Big Bend) Heritage Editions

    I want to like it, but it misses the mark for me. I think the debut model's silver grille worked better than the full on white one. I also think all the black trim clashes with the white trim. The handles and flares should've been body colored. The bumpers should've had a different treatment...
  6. 20% Off Bronco Accessories Through End of May

    I'm getting the same "code doesn't work right now" message, even though the sale ends tonight, and of course all the phone numbers are closed. Hopefully they can backdate it or something. I was able to get it working in Firefox. There seemed to be an issue where it wasn't registering that I...
  7. How to open the tailgate when the doors are off?

    Just use the key fob. Mine does the same. I turn the car off and back on and they don't appear.
  8. 20% Off Bronco Accessories Through End of May

    So the code applies only to a single item then? Not the whole purchase?
  9. For those that have their Broncos, what's your biggest complaint?

    I second the lighting comment. Is this what you're talking about from IAG? Are you saying you want the auto bright feature to stay on or off? They probably don't get credit for auto start/stop from the EPA if they have it stay off all the time. I actually like that it asks if you want to...
  10. Hazard lights/turn signal flash when auto start/stop or turning off Bronco and...

    I haven’t noticed that (yet). I agree with someone above that said they’re glad they’re not the only one with it, as it’s not a problem exclusive to mine, which means maybe they’re aware of it and working on a fix with an update
  11. Hazard lights/turn signal flash when auto start/stop or turning off Bronco and...

    I too have noticed mine flashing the hazards randomly when engaging start/stop. I was curious if it was just making the noise or actually flashing them, but now that I started paying attention and looking in reflections of other vehicles, it is indeed flashing the front hazards (and I assume...
  12. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Thanks for that, definitely gives me some ideas!
  13. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    We've had some fantastic weather the last few days, so I've been running around with the doors and roof off while I can before the death heat of summer comes lol. Definitely been getting a farmers tan!
  14. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Have any pics further out of the dash with the blue BRONCO stickers? I like the idea of putting the blue in there, but my brother brought up a good point of whether it'd look odd right next to the Area 51 accents in the rest of the cabin.
  15. rmc523

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Coronabronco I came across two groups - "South Florida Broncos" and "South Florida Bronco Club" - which are you referring to? Nevermind, if I had read the post above first, I'd have figured it out lol.
  16. Apologies to Wildtrack Owners...

    Need I say more? haha
  17. rmc523

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Rinlin Thanks for the suggestion/recommendation! I'll have to look into that - I have some friends up in Orlando, so I could always pair a visit or something!
  18. rmc523

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Nikokani Great question - definitely will have to look into it - sounds like some folks have some good suggestions.
  19. rmc523

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Bronco4Me/Miami Looks great! I actually have yet to see Eruption Green in person yet. If I weren't so partial to blues, I'd have considered that green!
  20. rmc523

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    @Rinlin It's funny, in that photo it actually looks a lot more like Lightning Blue than Velocity. In other angles, VB really pops, and I've gotten a ton of compliments on it already.