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  1. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I has sadface...order 5118. My guess is since I am a badlands satin black non-squatch there are just a lot in front of me of that make. At least that is what I tell myself as I cry, rocking myself while bear hugging a throw pillow listening to Taylor Swift.
  2. Replacing stock Badlands wheels and tires (going up to 35") - what do I need to buy/consider?

    Going with a sasquatch offset or 0 offset rim will probably be all you need with 35's on a badland. There are several people running 35's on badlands with no ill effects. One reason I did not want to upgrade to the optional badlands rims is they are only 8in wide and the offset is not...
  3. 74Weld billet steering rack is ready!

    Awesome option. Not ready for that level of strength...yet. Any news on 74weld portals? I think I saw on one of your longer video's they mentioned a possible "cast" portal at around 2-2.5in. Watching that as if the cost ends up at about 1/2 the cost (8k vs 16k). That puts portals in the...
  4. My way of saying thanks to Granger Ford, and Albert.

    Is this available on Grangers website? I thought there was going to be a got it at granger sticker in my paperwork (was too excited to get driving back home to look) but I dont seem to have one. I would rock a plate frame. So glad I changed my reservation to them early on.
  5. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Just because there is no official license does not mean there will be a C&D. Perfect world yes a license agreement is what would be desired/needed if anything as a CYA. A few things about the situation (pure speculation). These are high end custom badges that in this exact configuration does...
  6. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Sweet to hear movement of badges going out. I just looked for my order confirmation and I thought I ordered early Nov. Turns out I ordered Oct 19th so a LOT earlier than I thought. Hope I get a mail confirmation soon-ish. satin black badlands non-squatch is what I ordered.
  7. MP3 files on USB thumb drive - some are missing

    My thumb drive is like this, no matter what I put on the thumb it only shows about 1,400 -1,500 songs on it not an even number but less than what is on the drive. I have taken the thumb drive and put it into other PC's and the files are there and play but when plugged into the Bronco it has...
  8. JL vs Bronco (Manual Transmission Opinions)

    I dont have a jeep reference but I can say the bronco manual is far more like a car manual than a truck manual as far as throw, travel feel, shifter placement and clutch weight. Far less truck like than any truck manual I have ever driven (1 ton diesels all the down to manual mini trucks).
  9. Kenda Klever R/T 35x10.5x17 installed on Black Diamond Bronco with SAS Bilstein suspension

    great to see, I am leaning towards those but in the 35x12.5 size and some Method rims. I have read good reviews on them. Glad to see others running them. How do they drive/sound (I have heard they are not that loud).
  10. Is Ford going to update the hvac vents?

    I am guessing it will be sometime after they figure out how to spell QC and actually do it...lol.
  11. Pre-Collision Assist is a Menace

    Mine goes off for stupid reasons...like there is a turn by a left turn lane that the angle is perfect for it to go off every day I drive past it when a car is in the turn lane.
  12. NEW: B&M Precision Manual Sportshifter

    wow, that is a long...er....shaft. I can see it being a little longer but that seems excessive
  13. Anyone installed a Kicker Hideaway 10" powered subwoofer?

    Below is a link to my upgrade where I installed a Kicker hideaway 10in. It would not fit under the passenger or driver seat with out hitting something or blocking something. speaker_setup
  14. Bronco January 2023 Sales & Production Numbers

    Will be nice to see the MoM and YTD as we progress. Comparing 2023 to a full year of production instead of the 2021 rollout year will be nice. I just wish they broke out production numbers the same way as sales. See what is actually being produced compared to same month last year and vs YTD.
  15. 37k outstanding unscheduled Bronco orders as of Jan 25, 2023

    new badges are cool and better than the reflective sticker...that I don't hate or love...
  16. Aftermarket HUD

    I would be interested if it could display off-road things like the 4 tire pressure, tilt/rollover angle, along with temps in * not just bars. speed and time...I know I am not going fast enough with the limited time I have and do not need another reminder. I need my wife and daughter to get...

    The 706 is a bead grip deal that will hold the bead better than a regular wheel but not as good as a full on bead lock. The Roush look like they are neither a bead lock or bead grip (IIRC Method has a patent for that). Plus as noted the Method has more offset choices. I am debating on 706 or...
  18. Are You Thinking About Cashing in on an EV

    yep, A big reason why I have not gone solar at home yet those are spendy batteries as well and only a small amount of what the ev battery holds. At least another gen or two in battery tech.
  19. Are You Thinking About Cashing in on an EV

    I need ev's to get around 350-360 and no major hit to that when cold put. Reason is I would go electric when I install solar/wind at the house. Some kind of battery like a powerwall as well. I would need to get at least a weeks round trip to and from work and then another 50 or so...
  20. Bronco at beach

    That is awesome...great patina.