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  1. Roush Cold-Air Intake & ARB Air Compressor Installed

    Installed the Roush Cold-Air Intake today, purchased from Lethal Performance. They shipped all the way to Hawaii super-quick. I had some questions prior to purchase - they have really FANTASTIC customer service. Thanks LP! also turned around my ARB Air Compressor, purchased from...
  2. My FE gets 33+ mpg hwy

    …at least for about 10 minutes driving downhill. But still, she is capable of better than advertised hwy miles if you start the trip meter once you are actually on the hwy. My city stop & start driving is about 16.8 to 17 mpg the last almost 1K miles.
  3. Cost to install Brandmotion Digital Rearview Mirror/Dashcam @ 4WP Store - $330 a fair price? (Install Complete - Review Begins)

    I picked up Brandmotion’s digital mirror/dashcam for the Bronco. https://brandmotion.com/product/fullvue-rear-camera-mirror-for-ford-bronco-fvmr-1120/ The cost is $600, but the only official installer/licensed retailer in the area is my local 4WP. They want $330 to install it. Instructions...
  4. A51 FE Accessories for “The Vicki Lee” - Build Journal

    As I shared in a previous post, waiting on the Bronco gave lots of time to build up as stash of accessories. My wife joked that I really just ordered a Bronco kit that was coming in piece by piece. Last Friday, my Bronco arrived and I’ve started to add those accessories. I still have more to...
  5. A51 FE - Oahu Delivery - Everything is Great!

    I’ve been on this forum since reserving my Bronco back in July 2020. Whenever something goes wrong, it’s sure to be reported on this forum - and I think that’s a good thing. It helps awareness for all members and can potentially protect future disasters. The downside though is, it may look...
  6. Up the Hill at SEMA

  7. Gator Back Mud Flaps Compatible with 4WP Running Boards? (UPDATED - YES!)

    Is there a 4WP rep on here who can tell me which mud flaps are compatible with your side-steps for a 4-door FE, if any? Thanks!
  8. Coffee & Cars Hawaii

    I was at Coffee & Cars this morning and thought you might enjoy pics of this Bronco.
  9. How much is your Deposit?

    For those who have already converted to order... - How much was your deposit? - Was it refundable or non-refundable? I’m negotiating my deposit amount this Friday and want to be armed with good information. Trying to see what the “highs” and “lows” are and guesstimate an average amount...
  10. Muddin’ up your Warranty

    I found this article somewhat entertaining. Anybody ever experience their warranty being voided or partially voided due to your own off-road adventures...
  11. What is Unique about the First Edition?

    Other than the optional blue paint and the vinyl decals, what is unique about the First Edition? Can’t you get everything else in a different model by upgrading options? If you don’t get the blue paint, what makes the First Edition unique?
  12. Taking off top panels with Roof Rails & Crossbars in place?

    How difficult do you think it will it be to remove the modular roof pieces with the roof rails & crossbars installed? How much of the roof can be removed with the rails still in place?