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  1. Ford Says These MIC Hardtop Cracks Are Considered Normal

    Respectfull, they don’t get snow in SoCa….but did this year. It had to get below freezing to get that so though it may be rare in the SFBay area, I would think it occasionally happens? Not calling You out, just speculating.
  2. Promo video for the new Scout: "America's Next Shot"

    cools video but an EV for off road? Kind of like the Jeep commercial with the charger in the middle of the desert. Will that really ever happen. Also, looks like american made which is awesome but the batteries will come from China right? Finally, I believe the commercial stated that scout...
  3. looking for local ct member with b & o system for kicker key 200.4 upgrade

    I am in WMass just above Enfield and have a B&O system and looking to buy and add an amp.
  4. Train Derailment in Kentucky with New Ford Vehicles

    Whata kick in the biscuits that would be . If that’s were me, I’d be thinking God does not want me to have a bronco.
  5. So I'm Planning to run Topless this summer...

    I got nothing to add other than good luck, have fun and hopefull, I see you around.
  6. You can't beat the HARD top!

    The hard tops are awesome, though I don’t have one yet. I may get one but really, I feel I know my dealer well enough as it is without having to go back a handful of times more due to discoloration, delaminating, leaks, and weird whistling noises and improper fit between panels and the...
  7. Mabett Rear Courtesy / Reading Light in your 2021+ Ford Bronco

    @Darrow I just ordered one!
  8. Installed - SSV Works rear pods w/ Kicker speakers

    anyone buy the SSV pods empty and put it your own speakers? SSV said their grills only work with the speakers they sell. That sound right?
  9. Bronco Birthmarks and Other Quality Issues

    Mine came from the factory with 2 dings in the driver’s side door. The odd thing about the dings are they are dings that are pushed out rather than a ding caused by another door hitting my Bronco. It’s like something on the inside of the door is pushing on the outer door skin.. when I spoke...
  10. Easiest B&O upgrade?

    Dumb question so I will apologize in advance but is acoustic poly fill different from other types of poly fill…because there is a difference in price it seems. is it less sensitive to heat? Smaller more dense pieces?
  11. 2022 Bronco Badlands Tailgate DAMAGED

    Wow, thanks for posting. Sorry to hear it but you just saved me some money. Just saw it was on sale and I was looking to place an order.
  12. B&O blew a Kicker 46CSC44 4"

    Damn, I hit volume 30 with the roof off during the summer doing highway driving. Swapping out speaker to get clearer sound. Looks like I may need to do an amp.
  13. DV8 OE bumper before and after

    Looks awesome. Not sure why a company that has the wings on the side doesn’t make them for Broncos with and without SAS widths to match the different fender flair options.
  14. Watch this Bronco recovery and the damage the owner did to his Bronco

    Play Stupid Games…Win Stupid Prizes I guess. So gunning it isnt always the answer.
  15. Is the Ford Performance tune worth it?

    Since Starbucks sucks, this is an easy choice for me. BTW, what do you buy at Starbucks for $5.00 - Water? The few times I went years ago an Xlg coffee was $7.00+. Then there was the tip for the barista exercising her Masters degree in poli-sci.
  16. Jeeps on ice

    In addition to tires, there will always remain certain weather/terrain conditions where you should not be out at all - from a car to an M1 Abrams tank.
  17. Tires at 50% at 12000 miles?

    Have you had your tires rotated yet? Seems not all dealers are rostering the spares. A decent reference if you have not rotated them is what does the spare look like I. Depth with a cling vs the other tires. If you have had them rotated, still the same question But rather, how do the 5 tires...
  18. Ford Badge

  19. New York Black rhino sentinel , falken wildpeak lt285/70r17

    Awesome tires in The snow as well. GLWS