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  1. Contact at Ford Corporate?

    Hi! Does anyone on this forum have a contact at Ford Corporate? My Bronco ownership has been an absolute nightmare. I know a lot of this is just really bad luck but it is souring my experience of something that I was so excited for during the lengthy reservation period. The last time I drove...
  2. Front Diff Explosion.... roadside assistance... why??

    Here's a post for you guys that love to read about peoples suffering... also I'm just venting so bear with me haha. So--- January 17th I drove my bronco into a small amount of snow and lost 4x4 immediately. Cue me being stuck with my wife and dog in the snow for 9 hours waiting for Ford to send...
  3. Black Diamond Area 51 4 Door - Snoqualmie, WA.

    Quick shot my wife grabbed while we were out exploring the area.
  4. Installed Archetype Racing BYOD Rail - Tech Bronze

    First off - just got it this evening so sorry for the poor lighting in the photos. Love how it looks! Tech bronze is a nice bit of bling for the Bronco and so far I'm glad I went with it. If anyone has a picatinny - RAM ball mount solution I'd love to hear it. The RAM adapter I bought does...
  5. Ordering Questions (Any Dealers Here?)

    Hi! Im wondering if anyone here can offer me some more clarity on this process since I'm not sure that I understand what I can and cannot do. I reserved a base model 2.7 Bronco but I do not have a build date. If I log into my Ford account I can see that I have an "order date" of 1/21/21. I had...