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  1. Everglades ordering

    Does anybody know if this is going to be handled like the Raptor or if there is going to be another process to convert to an Everglades?
  2. FE stock unit?

    How is this a thing? FE with a blue sticker…
  3. Latest constraints?

    I’ve heard a few things are now holding up builds and have been waiting to see if a semi official list comes out like in the past but haven’t seen one. Is there a newer list in the past 2 months or so? Are floor mats really holding up builds Etc?
  4. Tasca in Cranston, RI

    I drove by yesterday and saw several in their lot so I checked out there website when I got home. They had several listed so I reached out, when they got back the woman said 2 were stock orders, both manual BB with not even mid package with a tiny ADM of $15,000. Seems ridiculous to me but...
  5. Weekly build totals?

    We used to see posted somewhat regularly the weekly build totals, is that info still available? All the bad news that coming out without actual build info is deflating. Some information about Broncos actually being built would be nice.
  6. WT question

    So with the new door handles and mirror cover changes does the grill, door handles, mirror covers and flares all match now? What about the 2 different graphics, are they glossy to match the roof that wasn’t ever made or are they more flat? For 2021 I was not thrilled with all the not quite...
  7. 2022 dealer allocation

    Seriously how is this a thing? They can’t make 90,000 in a full year production? Why aren’t they just building based on reservation order, with constraints taken into consideration. the idea of having to wait to 2023 because my dealers allocation is full is ludicrous…
  8. Tasca in Seekonk

    So I drove by Tasca in Seekonk tonight after I went out to dinner and they have AMB Outter Banks for sale, it isnt there demo because Ive driven the demo. Just letting people know in case they wanted to call on it, the sticker didnt have any ADM or "market adjustment". The dealership was...
  9. Going forward from here

    So with seemingly all 9/2021 build emails out, and FE set for 10/2021 with new MIC Dirty mountain following that is this it for 2021MY? I don’t know if the rest of the year is now accounted for or if there is room for others to be added in somewhere.
  10. Well it’s in the national news now

    Kind of crappy it wasn’t told to us by Ford first, but even the article says we will be told acknowledging we haven’t been told yet. https://apple.news/AbTTTKLDuTtaJUCHg7X59Lg
  11. So honest question

    At this point I think we are all a bit down about how this is rolling out. I’m not looking to point fingers or complain about this or that, there are plenty of threads for that. What I’m wondering is what could Ford do to ease our suffering? What plausible or reasonable offering of gratitude...
  12. Best top option?

    It was recently pointed out the Best top is now available on build and price. Can this be the soft top we switch to? If the fast back soft top was the top we switch to I might actually do it, but I have no desire for 2 soft tops at an additional cost of $2,000+
  13. Okay, this is something I might actually cancel over

    https://jalopnik.com/ford-patented-in-car-ads-because-we-live-in-hell-now-1846902212?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab&utm_content=algorithm This is how the end of civilization ends...
  14. Order conversion issue?

    So I have faith in my dealer however he has told me he is having issues converting my reservation to an order. He told me “the Bronco team is supposed to be converting it for me and getting back to me ASAP”. It’s a very small dealership so I can only think he means Ford’s Bronco team. Has...
  15. Hard top back shell demensions?

    Does anybody know the demensions for the back piece of the 4 dr hardtop?
  16. Mod black + WT mirrors

    So I’ve been sitting on this thought since the pics of the mod black top were posted. I’ve been hoping to find some other pics outside and close up and I haven’t seen any yet. So I’m turning to the flock. Is anybody else concerned about the transition from shiny black mirrors to flat MIC...
  17. B&P still having issues?

    So I know it’s been discussed a lot but I thought of something today that doesn’t make sense to me. We know the 2.7 will force the sound deadening to drop. It’s been assumed it’s a weight issue. We have also been lead to believe the modular top is heavier than the MIC. If that’s all true...
  18. Invoice on vehicle VS invoice on accessories

    So from what I understand it isn’t the same discount. As I understand the vehicle is usually 3% and accessories are generally 6%. so because of boredom I did the math, my WT build is $55,194 before invoice. $50,970 stock 4dr price, $4,224 options. This puts the invoice price with delivery...
  19. Tires swap question

    There have been a lot of threads regarding tire upgrades and people’s plans on get bigger tires etc. I barely understand the need for gearing adjustments when you go from the 32” to 35” etc. my question is the opposite. If somebody starts out squatch for the other upgrades and then when the...
  20. Sig headlight flicker

    So after the 700th video I’ve watched I have come to the conclusion that the headlights are...twitchy. I’ve been trying to decide if it’s a video quality thing or maybe something that doesn’t appear to the naked eye or something else. Somebody set my mind at ease.