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  1. Ford Says These MIC Hardtop Cracks Are Considered Normal

    That was me. Your question was about cracks in a $60K Bronco. My Bronco is only $27K, and if mine cracks I will be just as upset as you.
  2. 2 Door Bronco rear seat delete, and carpeted platform w/ pics

    Question about your Goose Gear: their website talks about an access hatch, and the choice of either drivers side or passenger side for the hatch. Which side did you use ?
  3. 2 Door Bronco rear seat delete, and carpeted platform w/ pics

    I am definitely taking out my rear seat. Currently 50/50 on deciding between Goose Gear and DIY. Watching all these threads with interest.
  4. WTF !!!Ford Motor Company

    OP: your numbers are somewhat difficult to decipher, but it sounds like your complaint is with your dealer, not with Ford.
  5. Broncos and fishing- lets see em

    Fly fishing Musky catch & release Northern Wisconsin
  6. Price check (how much would you pay for used signature lighting)

    No way would I pay anything for the Signature headlights., IMHO the stock lights look better. I would be interested in the Signature taillights though.
  7. Apple CarPlay inconsistent connectivity

    Seems to be affecting other car brands too. Currently driving a Chevy while waiting for my Bronco (2.5+ year wait, scheduled 4/24). Apple Car Play always worked great until a couple weeks ago when a new iOS downloaded in the middle of the night. No more Car Play. Chevy ended up loading new...
  8. AZURE GRAY Bronco Club

    LOL, take your trolling somewhere else. I posted about my hesitation around Azure Grey based on others posting (and trolling). Then I saw both colors parked side by side. And I realized most people had not seen the colors side by side, so I posted photos for others to make their own decision...
  9. Check 'em out!!

    Yeah, this thing is fugly. All of the stock factory options look way better.
  10. Bronco Base vs Bronco II in the snow first impressions

    Please explain how your braking technique is somehow better than ABS in the snow.
  11. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    I got the bump. 4/3 > 4/10 > now 4/24
  12. New Part: Ford OEM Bronco Heritage Limited Script Badge M-1447-BSS

    I‘m interested in those too. I’m the same color as you (Azure Grey) and mine is a Base. Kinda pricey though, $150 ?
  13. Which deal is better? Market is flooded with take-off Bronco Wheels/Tires.

    ^ that looks sharp. edit: just zoomed in, those knobby tires are awesome! You got those tires & wheels for $250 ? What a steal !
  14. Finally Have my Bronco

    Dude, that’s my build ! 2020 reservation. Scheduled 4/3, currently pushed to 4/10. Post more pics please. I can live vicariously through you.
  15. Interior Sound Level Decibels Test -- Soft Top vs. Hard Top vs. No Top

    1db may not sound like much, but I remember from Navy sonar school that 3db is double the SPL (sound pressure level). So 1db is a 33 percent increase in sound pressure. I have no idea if this is relevant to noise inside a car, but the military beat that formula into our heads so it’s got to...
  16. 2023 Jeep gets washout floors and MGV

    Many people are saying that “Marine Grade” is better than “Heavy Duty”. Fact.
  17. Granger Ford Order Updates - We Need it 3/3/23

    Thanks for the update Zach. Communication like this is why I will be a Granger buyer for life.
  18. Harbor Freight over landing gear?

    I have a Jackery from Harbor Freight that I use for car camping. I’m not sure what overlanding is, but if it is anything like car camping I can recommend a Jackery from Harbor Freight.