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  1. Bronco Part # / Ordering Help Needed

    I gave up, went to my dealer, had them look it up, and ordered a replacement.
  2. Removed rear seat belt reels... Dash light? ForScan?

    Just to clarify, did you remove your rear seatbelts/pre-tensioners? I realize the buckles stay plugged in under the floor cover - but I'm interested in removing the rest of the rear belts and pre-tensioners that bolt to the rear cage.
  3. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Took the top off on the first day of summer, last year, and didn't put it back on until October. Not counting a day of jury duty in July when I didn't want to leave it "open" in a parking garage. And this is the day after I bought it in November 2021.
  4. Anyone else feel this way? Grab handle woes

    I purchased these and they arrived today. I installed them in about 15 minutes. Plenty of room for hand inside the handle and with respect to clearance with the hardtop. The Bronco airbags are side curtain and deploy downward parallel to the side window. The grab handles are completely out of...
  5. The rear camera recall 22C27 is a "Compliance Recall". What does "Compliance Recall" mean?

    What humorous is the Ford App shows I have the update from June 2022. But when I check the message center - also in the Ford App - it has a message that reads I was updated to the January 7, 2023 Power-Up Software Update. So...which is it?
  6. Mabett Introduces Wireless Phone Charger for Ford Bronco!

    @Mabett Just installed one this morning. Put it all back together, started the engine, iPhone 13 Pro will not charge and the charging pad cycles red-blue-red-blue, etc. with no phone on it. Is that normal? Does this not work with iPhone because the cameras don't allow the phone to sit flat on...
  7. Bronco Step-Over Door Inserts Interest Thread

    For me this is about a nice helping of retro nostalgia. I don't need door inserts, I just want that look that Ford showed at SEMA. Original classic inserts were nearly right at sill level - so I don't think that really presents any challenge to getting in/out.
  8. CarPlay - Garage Door Work Around?

    How did you get the Apple TV or Homepod to function as the hub? I'm not finding much with the Google...
  9. First Look! ORACLE Lighting Oculus™ Bi-LED Headlights for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    Probably the vehicle was stopped and they took a pic with low beams, and another with high beams from the same spot. Just a guess, though. There is a slight difference in the reflections on the hood.
  10. Anderson Composite Halo Doors installed - review & photos

    Anyone know if Anderson is planning to offer the step over doors / door inserts?
  11. Rocker Stripe - Est 1966

  12. First Look! ORACLE Lighting Oculus™ Bi-LED Headlights for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    Will these also integrate with the OEM auto high beam control?
  13. AR | SLAP / BPM - This is the bulletproof mount

    Just ordered. Should have asked, first, I assume these will work on a Mid Package dash?
  14. Any reviews of the cockpit cover?

    Appreciate the input and I've seen the reviews and differences explained. My use case is different. I work from home so my Bronco sits in my garage most days of the week. I'm just looking for something to keep insects out of the cockpit and is (relatively) easy to put on/take off. This morning...
  15. Any reviews of the cockpit cover?

    @BroncoRox @Geo - do you recall the correct part number for the 2-dr cockpit cover? Ford Accessories lists it as VM2DZ19A412B but Lasco Ford (who has it cheaper) lists it as VM2DZ19A412A.
  16. Inexpensive 2 Door Sun Shade Option

    Any plans to offer a non-mesh top for the 2-door? I have no interest in the mesh shades. Need a solid canvas top and, preferably, a half-length top. The roll cage has a threaded insert about midway back on the top side that would be simple to design an attachment point for the back of a shorter...
  17. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 68 so far [Updated: December 13, 2022]

    Since my employer sent everyone home at the start of the pandemic and quickly realized the cost savings of having a remote workforce I'm not putting on the freeway miles (70 round trip) where my AAA membership would cover me. The only driving I want to do is off the beaten path where AAA won't...
  18. Need Advice of Back of Rear Seat Molle Panel & Tailgate Table & Molle Grid Cup Holder

    Great idea - just ordered one. I wonder if butterfly anchor bolts would work to attach to the swing gate? Probably depends on whether the molle panel holes align to the swing gate holes/slots.
  19. Bronco key fob too big. Can I use another type?

    The AJT doesn't list any dimensions for their fob and in the Wrangler videos on their site, strangely, it appears to be just as large as the fob it's replacing (but maybe slightly thinner). What am I missing?
  20. KC Hilites C3 & Slimlite Installed

    No issues with it at all. I recommend. It's solidly built and was very well packaged in bubble wrap. My Slimlites have been rock solid on there.