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  1. BlakeD69

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Welcome to the club
  2. Yet Another DIY Rear Seat Delete

    Favorite part of this post " where I keep the spare tie rods ". Do you plan to sleep in back and if so how tall are you and can your stretch out or not?
  3. Retro Look 2-Tone Basequatch w/ Buffalo Green Wrap

    Just simply beautiful. well done/
  4. My Custom DIY Dashboard Rail Mount

    Very well done/ Thanks for sharing
  5. No scheduling this week either!

    Hey fellow LMer (assumption by the pic). I reserved and then ordered my Bronco for my retirement which occurred last year. Still waiting for it to be built but yes Ford did hurt their reputation huge. Best to you to get yours before you retire.
  6. Finally arrived. Seems like a lot for 35k

    Congrats have fun modifying
  7. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    Congrats and Thanks I appreciate the "TEMPER YOUR ENTHUSIASM" message.
  8. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    Woohoo! After 900 days since reservation and 700 days since 2021 order, then 2022 reorder, and 2023 reorder I got a call from Cody at Barbee Ford in Denver to check my email. GOOD NEWS, it is scheduled for Production. LAST WEEK I decided to NOT drop LUX, SAS and MIC so I am glad I held firm...
  9. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    Here are some paint samples if you want to add to survey poll. There may be one or two that they dropped prior to year finalization. 2021: 2022: 2023:
  10. Modeling the build outcomes of SAS, Top, and trim commodity constraints

    Yeah, about a nonosecond. We will see what happens by the March 7th deadline and see if there are any other drastic moves by Ford.
  11. Modeling the build outcomes of SAS, Top, and trim commodity constraints

    Since Ford forced many of us to make the decision on LUX, SASQUATCH and HARD Top options and I am not busy having fun with my Bronco in the snowy mountains in Colorado (August 2020 reservation with a Badlands SAS LUX MIC order since early 2021), I had time to develop a modeling spreadsheet to...
  12. 37k outstanding unscheduled Bronco orders as of Jan 25, 2023

    Sorry for the ignorance, but TIM who. Do you have a link to his videos. BN last night videos didnt answer anything not already published, just clarified some of the poor sentence choices in their FAQs.
  13. 📬 Scheduling Emails Received 1/26/23 !! 🙌 Don't lose hope Bronco'ers

    Is this the first Heritage edition build anyone has seen being scheduled?
  14. Find member “bravely” his Bronco!!

    Chris, another class ACTion by you in the midst of class action suit flirting that Ford is doing.
  15. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    Zach, thanks again for understanding how to properly treat customers.
  16. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    How many outstanding orders did Ford say they have across the board? Hard to make any decision not knowing how big their backlog is.
  17. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    Did everyone notice that if you do drop all of the constraints there is ZERO commitment that you will get a 2023 just like the commitment failures from 2023MY change, 2022MY change or to 2021MY when we all reserved in 2020? I have never been so f*ed over by a company in my life with lies...