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  1. Messed up my clearcoat in a couple spots, suggestions?

    Interesting, this is good to know, thanks! I'm not that familiar so will probably leave it to a pro but good to know it can be done fairly quickly. I think there is enough clear coat but we'll see.
  2. Messed up my clearcoat in a couple spots, suggestions?

    *sigh*... kind of afraid that might be the answer 🤬
  3. Messed up my clearcoat in a couple spots, suggestions?

    I'm not even really sure how I did this but I messed up my clearcoat pretty good in a couple spots. 😭 In the main spot (shown in photos) I was trying to get some sap off my hood with some goo gone and a sponge. The sponge I was using must have been too abrasive as you can see the 'cloudy'...
  4. New Hampshire

    Thanks, will do 🙌
  5. Front door windows rattle

    Wow, great video! Wish I saw that before I brought it to the dealer. I brought mine in for rattling on both the driver and passenger side front doors (more so on the passenger side) and told them about the TSB which they found and confirmed. They said they fixed it however after picking it up...
  6. New Hampshire

    I'm heading up to NH for the Off Roadeo first thing tomorrow, anyone else?! Any last minute hints or tips? Even trying to figure out what to wear 😄 are normal jeans and sneakers fine? or do I need my grub jeans and boots? :unsure: Looking forward to tomorrow!
  7. Soft Top in the Winter

    Yea this was one of my concerns. I can see myself opening the back to take the skiis out and doing some damage. Looks like most are saying non issue tho so we'll see. Will try to open it as little as possible (y)
  8. Soft Top in the Winter

    Hi all, I had originally ordered the dual tops but dropped the hard top in order to get my Bronco sooner. I picked my Bronco up back in late April and the summer has been awesome and I absolutely love the Bronco. Winter is fast approaching and I'm a little weary of the soft top. I'm just curious...
  9. Finally a Front License Plate bracket solution - order yours today

    I bought and used some of what came in this package... used the caps on the rear too. No complaints. https://a.co/d/hW8xjfH
  10. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    I just completed the same exact thing and my feelings are the same, worth the investment. I also have a leftover 4" JL (same one as OP) if anyone is interested DM me...
  11. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    ah, thank you! I looked at the sub document but missed the rear cargo one completely, that's exactly what I was looking for. Will be doing this tomorrow, thanks again for your great write up!
  12. Additional dome lighting, Jim style

    I'm trying these as well... I used 3m heavy duty double sided tape to try and stick this to the plastic on the roll bar (for the rear cargo area) but it keeps falling off (won't stick to the plastic) anyone have any suggestions on best adhesive to use? or better mounting it elsewhere?
  13. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Does anyone have good instructions or a video on how to access the subwoofer on the B&O system? I just want to add some killmat/polyfil behind it but I can't find anything outlining how to access it?
  14. Mud Flaps recommendations?

    Anyone have an OBX w/ the Ford OEM front flaps? just curious if they look okay w/ the painted flares and if they work well/people like them?
  15. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Planning on upgrading the front 3 dash speakers to the JLs and rear pods to the focals as OP suggested. Will polyfill and killmat the stock sub enclosure the best I can. No kick panels, no new sub and no new amp. Has anyone done just this yet and can you confirm I should expect better results of...
  16. Doors off foot rest

    Nice! that's looking awesome. 🙌
  17. Doors off foot rest

    How'd they come out? I can't believe there aren't more options yet. I can't wait to get a pair but not spending that much for the RTRs. I had these ones on my jeep for years and loved them...
  18. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    Heres my setup. Finally got the wiring harness installed (thanks to a great thread on here) and installed new tail lights on the trailer and everything is working. (y) Trailer has been around longer than I have (father had it growing up and he gave it to me a few years back). It's built on an...
  19. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Interesting... I have similar issues w/ the drivers side front window not going down all the way and loose/rattling on all windows basically. Keep us posted on what you find out... thanks!
  20. Full install video for aftermarket hitch and wiring harness

    Thanks a bunch for this video! I had installed my hitch a few weeks ago and I just did the wiring harness today. I was a little worried as I normally don't do much of this type of stuff but I followed the video to a T (did not ground the red wire as I have LEDs) and everything worked perfectly...