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  1. 2.7 vs coyote power curve

    It is fine, if you look at 5252, the torque scale on the left intersects with the power on the right. Different scale for TQ and Power. The curve looks perfect for a truck.
  2. Plan B

    4Runner Off Road Premium
  3. will the bronco be cancelled altogether?

    The service economy is going to collapse and won't come back quickly. It will cascade do to panic regardless of how dangerous the pathogen is or isn't throughout the World's economy. It will change social norms permanently. In this upheaval, people are uncertain. Uncertain people do not...
  4. Ford Temporarily Halts North American Production

    Triage, those under 65 get priority. Death panels really are a thing.
  5. New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    I just don't see that rear glass opening up without hitting the spare tire, especially if bigger tires are available. If those are hinges at the top (and not a mechanism for the glass to slide up into from the gate), they make no sense to me. You would have to swing the tire out of the way and...
  6. Bronco 2 Door preview renderings (with white top)

    like most; green, black, and tan. Oh, go ahead and black out the wheels while you're at it Ford. (sadly, we shall get six nuances of gray and two of white...)
  7. Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    On the plus side; the article implies that the reveal is delayed and not the actual vehicle production. At least not yet.
  8. 2021 Bronco Press Preview Officially Delayed... Reveal Delayed Also?

    so a truck that has less luggage/beer space than my saddlebags. I guess I will have to buy two...
  9. It's a BEAST!

    I think that people who keep this going (myself included) just feed the troll and encourage them to come back. Maybe Admin will lock and delete the thread to get rid of the added thrill the original bedwetter/poster gets. Just a thought.
  10. Good thing bronco will come with at least 35's.

    you mean just like the original off road vehicle of North America? BTW, they would have scoffed at your puny 35" diameter axle raisers as well.
  11. Official: Bronco Reveal Coming March! Bronco Sport Reveal Follows in April

    I knew Leap Day had to be good for something!
  12. Northern Illinois

    Hey BB, I (about 60 days a year) hang my hat at home in LITH, maybe 40 miles east of you. Nice to have another guy on the board that knows what Winter feels like. Been working in Texas (various) since Jan 5. Texans got some thin blood, curl up in a little ball and weep if it gets below 40F.
  13. Engine Changes

    top tier is the detergents, per my understanding. Basic fuel is the same for most of its travel from the refinery, the individual companies will add their little detergent 'spices' before sending it to the final vendor (gas stations). We have had gasahol (dating myself, I know.) in Illinois...
  14. MTI550 7 Speed Manual Transmission With Low Crawler Gear Revealed in Document

    I am not unhappy with this information and, before Fordboi asks.... the last time I drove a manual was about 12 minutes ago.... Just give me the strongest engine with the manual and my mental recalcitrance to writing a check bigger than $50K evaporates. (it comes back at $60K though)
  15. New Bronco startup screen animation video

    The Bronco is not a halo vehicle. Ford is not intending to lose money on every one. (any one who knows differently, let me know, I am happy to short their stock), its primary design is exceedingly likely to be intended to generate profits. That is what Ford is in business to do, not make...
  16. 2021 F-150 front and rear designs revealed! What do you think?

    looks like it was an 'after' picture of crash testing. The stubby and delicate front end is no bueno.
  17. 2021 Bronco engines - I need at least a V6

    There are at least two of us.
  18. Here's the 2021 Bronco's Tail Light Shape Illuminated

    Looks like a stylized horseshoe to me.
  19. Someone modified Mo Aoun’s render a bit...

    very tasty looking! A dark green body and a black top would get my checkbook out.