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  1. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    No but I would still buy it if it did. As long as it also has a manual transmission ;)
  2. What will you be towing?

    Ouch. I had an 07 Urban Gray STi. Street duty only though. No rally for me:)
  3. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    “manual is more fun and engaging”.... That’s essentially it. I need that 3rd pedal or I’m out. I don’t care about how much faster new automatics shift or that I can use paddles or select gears, etc. If I’m not rowing gears and it doesn’t have a 3rd pedal, I won’t get one. I don’t live near a...
  4. What will you be towing?

    At most a small kayak/boat trailer
  5. Bronco will not make public debut at Detroit Auto Show which has now been cancelled

    I think its 3000 beds, but it looks like the show is rescheduled to August 28th. We shall see.
  6. What’s your dealbreaker for a new Bronco?

    I will not buy it unless they offer a manual transmission.
  7. Soft top vs hardtop vs ???

    like almost everyone else, I voted hard top. The sound of a soft top at highway speeds would drive me insane quickly. If the Bronco gets modular hard top with removable panels, that would be ideal. I rented a Wrangler in Miami and drove down to Key West and the modular top was great, so easy to...
  8. Plan B

    I’m only looking for a Manual Transmission 2021 Bronco, otherwise I may pick up an old 1st gen 4Runner or CJ but they’re hard to find. Has to be manual and removable top. Otherwise I’m a car guy and would probably end up with a R35 GTR, Shelby GT350, M2 or M4 or not buy anything.
  9. Fighter Jet Gray

    I like these flat gray colors. Toyota’s Cement Gray
  10. Big hood size, engine optimism 🤷‍♂️

    I would take the 2.7 eco over The NA 3.3 all day. The 3.3 makes less than 300 HP and pathetic torque which puts it right in line with Wrangler and Tacoma/4 runners. Those NA V6 have no guts. Give the Bronco the Ecoboost with 400 ftlbs torque and it’s in a class all it’s own. With a simple tune...
  11. Absolute Black thread

    I had a black Sentra and a Black 350Z. Black looks soooo good when clean but otherwise the swirls, sap, light scratches, etc. over time drove me insane . Things you can’t see on other colors show much worse on black. I do love the look of black with gray or bronze wheels though, but I can’t get...
  12. All the vehicles we have owned before.

    77 Tbird 85 Toyota pick up 89 Grand Am 88 integra 91 4Runner 92 explorer 95 Corolla 99 Sentra 04 350z 07 STi 11 STi- current 14 Rav 4 15 Camry 18 Camry hybrid- current
  13. Big hood size, engine optimism 🤷‍♂️

    I would go with the Coyote if it’s available So true. I have an STi with a ton of $$$ into it but I think for a 4x4 maybe downpipes, custom tune, lift, wheels and tires would suffice. But maybe not lol.

    jeep still makes em’ and now Ford coming back in the game. A removable top manual 4Runner! Hell yeah. Bring it back

    That’s how they should have made the FJ. Wtf is so hard about a removable top manual transmission 4x4? Toyota, Chevy, International, Ford, Jeep all had them at one point.
  16. Big hood size, engine optimism 🤷‍♂️

    we get it. “ There’s no replacement for displacement”. Adding forced induction to an already powerful V8 is likely going to make more power than a Turbo 6 but the costs and risks of adding forced induction to an NA car can be too high to be worth it for some. Many Factory Turbo or S/C cars can...
  17. Big hood size, engine optimism 🤷‍♂️

    I don’t think the 3.3 NA would be impressive at all in the Bronco. Too low on Torque. Pretty boring, kind of like Wrangler or Toyota’s...Any of the ecoBoost would be better imo, especially if you are into modifying
  18. Ford: Stream the reveal on YouTube

    I only need an interior shot showing a 7 speed manual shifter
  19. Big hood size, engine optimism 🤷‍♂️

    I’ll be fine with the 2.7 ecoboost ...325 HP and 400 lb. -ft. of torque puts Wrangler, 4Runner and similar to shame. A simple tune will add another 50 hp and torque. The 3.0 ecoboost would also be amazing.
  20. Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    “We will reschedule as soon as possible” . That sucks. At least give us another date. April 1st? Tax day? ... Labor Day?!!? Or, how about a web reveal? Ford has a website, right? All these leaks. Just take a piss already Ford!