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  1. chownd

    8" vs 12" screen photos?

    Remember that although the diagonal difference is only 4 inches, the area is more than doubled Area of 8 inch aprx 27.35 sq inches Area of 12 inch aprx 61.5 sq inches 27.35 * 2.25 =61.5375 High package gets you a screen that's about 125% more area than the regular screen
  2. chownd

    Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    Knowledge is power. Ask your dealer to provide numbers/data on how many repairs they do a year outside of normal manufacture warranty under their lifetime powertrain warranty. If they give you real numbers, I'd expect them to be very small. Good luck!
  3. chownd

    Transfer B4 3/19 = 3% under invoice @ Chapman Ford of Horsham

    You know those "lifetime powertrain warrenties" are essentially* scams right? They almost never cover the actual key components that will fail in short order. Your engine shot in the first 10 years? I'd bet it doesn't cover the reason it failed. There's tons written about this all over the...
  4. chownd

    USPS announces the LLV replacement

    It's so ugly, it's adorable
  5. chownd

    2021 Bronco 2-Door Cargo Area Dimensions + Storage Bins Dimensions (Measurements)

    Brb going to need an hour to take all this info in. Awesome work!
  6. chownd

    What trim has the best grill? (Poll)

    I like the look of wildtrak the best but hate the gloss to it. Need a matte black one for sure
  7. chownd

    👣 First look at Outer Banks Sasquatch Badge

    I think there's a whole bunch of us planning on doing that. Or atleast the script by itself, not the emblem with the red "sport" I practically picked my color (carbonized grey) because how good the black version of script will look on the side
  8. chownd

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    The plot thickens
  9. chownd

    Sasquatch Wheel Resale Price?

    You'll be able to get... Whatever someone is willing to pay you. I've had shit luck trying to sell tires/wheels. You'll probably have better luck setting something local up here than craigslist though. Good luck!
  10. chownd

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    It'd be cool for sure. Pretty late in the game... but might be a new ford decision if real. Def made in the same style. Though it's weird the page that initially posted them. Broncobunker, I hadn't come across that before. They look like a merch company? So maybe not official? I always thought...
  11. chownd

    “Bronco Dealer Playbook” describes MIC and MOD (Modular) top differences. Shows larger “Gunner’s Hatch” and confirms removable rear windows.

    We should petition admin to allow a zackdanger bot to post this on any thread with top in the title
  12. chownd

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    I'm VERY skeptical that this and the base one are real.
  13. chownd

    📷: Base Bronco 2-door with Modular MOD top glass removed

    It's crazy that the mod top now looks "wrong" to me because we've all seen nothing but MIC for so long
  14. chownd

    Am I getting a 21 or 22

    The real answer is no one knows but you'd very likely need all the stars to align and hell to freeze over to get a 21
  15. chownd

    POLL: Does your spouse know you're buying a Bronco?

    I can't believe some people live that way.... Then again, lying like that could get you killed soooooo
  16. chownd

    📷 4 door Antimatter Blue Wildtrak posted by Mike Levine

    I doubted it was actually AMB for a bit so I took the saturation up to 11