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  1. Engineeredthisway24

    Your first Bronco, or repeat offender?

    My brother had an identical Bronco II in Ford Blue. We were big time Bigfoot monster truck fans, still are actually! This will be my first Bronco, so I went with Velocity Blue to sort of pay respects in a way to his old Bronco. That thing was driven HARD and didn't break a sweat. I shall...
  2. Engineeredthisway24

    Goodyear Territory MT Review (Sasquatch tire)

    This is my plan as well. I will wear out the stock BFGs and then throw on Nitto Ridge Grapplers and perhaps some 15Fiftytwo wheels as well?!? Damn I hate getting all excited!
  3. Engineeredthisway24

    Alabama Bronco Club

    @AH64DB2 I went with Town and Country Ford in Bessemer, Alabama.
  4. Engineeredthisway24

    Badlands or Wildtrak?

    I dig them as well. Reminds me of my veteran brothers and sisters. No rock crawling for this guy either! 🤙🏼
  5. Engineeredthisway24

    Anybody currently driving tuner cars? Planning on keeping it when you get your Bronco?

    I am keeping the Cayman S since I feel it will be the perfect compliment to the Bronco. She will be relegated to weekend duties once Big Hefty gets into the stable. Historically, I have been a BMW enthusiast with a few M5s and some lower level models here and there. I might end up with...
  6. Engineeredthisway24

    Survey determines Americans' least favorite pizza topping and it isn't pineapple.

    In Japan, we have a restaurant called Pizza-La and you can order some FUNKY combinations. Squid, Mayo, corn, potato cubes, sardines (all variety of flavors), broccoli, etc.... Basically whatever you want and I will be honest in saying some of these combos are damn good!!!
  7. Engineeredthisway24

    So we stealing the wave or...

    Well, now they just crash into things, so I suggest they keep both hands on the wheel. :ROFLMAO: 🖖
  8. Engineeredthisway24

    What Exterior Color & State License Plate is the Best Combination?

    Do people match their plates to a specific car? That is extra extra. :)✌
  9. Engineeredthisway24

    What TV shows y'all watch?

    In order of what pops into my head: The Office (all 9 seasons on iTunes) Silicon Valley (all 6 seasons on HBO) The Outer Limits (SYFY Channel) The Unexplained with William Shatner (Biography Channel was on A&E) Ancient Aliens (History Channel) The Curse of Oak Island (History Channel) The Boys...
  10. Engineeredthisway24

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    Admins, can we update the Wildtrak icon on our site too?
  11. Engineeredthisway24

    👣 First look at WildTrak Sasquatch Badge

    So subtle, but definitely a fun little addition!
  12. Engineeredthisway24

    Who's going to Bronco Celebration EAST 2021 in Townsend, TN from April 21-24

    Just under 4 hours away from Huntsville, so I will DEFINITELY be there! I can't wait to meet some more enthusiasts!
  13. Engineeredthisway24

    Who's bought a vehicle sight unseen before?

    On my second tour in Japan, I purchased a 2009 Honda Fit Mugen edition through a store called Gulliver's. I had all of the paperwork done and the loan in hand when my ship had to perform an emergency port shift. The radiation from Fukushima rose to levels that were not anticipated, so we...
  14. Engineeredthisway24

    Alabama Bronco Club

    I have made Huntsville my home. I work on the Arsenal, bought a home just past Aerojet Rocketdyne, and my daughter lives with her mama down near Lacey Springs. There is no place I would rather live at this point in my life. After doing 14 years of traveling all over the world in the Navy, I...
  15. Engineeredthisway24

    Alabama Bronco Club

    Team mates it is then! I am a country boy from Indiana, but my main source of off-roading was dirt bikes racing hare scrambles, 3 and 4 wheelers recreationally, and a few home-assembled trucks we would tear up the back 40 in. I have always loved that life, but haven't had much opportunity in...
  16. Engineeredthisway24

    Alabama Bronco Club

    I will NOT do any of the crazy trails, so I am right there with you. I would rather find some fun spots to try out Baja mode and see how comfortable it is to stay in overnight. You are welcome to cruise with me. For reference, I have done several driving schools all over the world, but they...
  17. Engineeredthisway24

    Alabama Bronco Club

    I am considering a run to Windrock Park in eastern Tennessee and I am also not trying to harm ANYTHING on my new truck. I wouldn't mind camping for a few days at the park even if no one else joins.
  18. Engineeredthisway24

    Velocity Blue Paint Match Difficulties

    I would have gone Grabber Blue too. Good call!
  19. Engineeredthisway24

    People flipping their Bronco

    I don't think it is a bad thing to take advantage of tax loopholes. I lived there, so I get it with the taxes bullshit which is one of the main reasons I live in Alabama now! ;) I have seen the C8 fetch STUPID prices and this is just the base model. The Z06 is going to be CRAZY! I fully...