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  1. Wolfsburg

    So, any April fool's day announcement's

    Or the limited Ford-Zoo edition, Mustang Bronco Raptor Cobra Cougar...
  2. Wolfsburg

    The Fender Situation....

    Oh yeah I'm sure there are. As for Jeeps, they've always had prominent (front) fenders so I think it works fairly well for them.
  3. Wolfsburg

    The Fender Situation....

    Yeah, the fender flares are the one major part that I'm not a fan of, based on what we've seen so far.
  4. Wolfsburg

    Big hood size, engine optimism 🤷‍♂️

    I very much would prefer a V8 option but I'd be surprised if it happened at this point.
  5. Wolfsburg

    The gripe thread.

    I'm hoping we'll still get something next week, if not a live reveal!
  6. Wolfsburg

    Bronco 2 Door preview renderings (with white top)

    Nice! Add a white roof (to the top one) and we're talking!
  7. Wolfsburg

    Bronco 4 Door rendered in 2021 colors (animated)

    Yep, I second the green motion. Well, specifically something close to Highland Green. If Ford offers something akin to Highland Green and Ford Performance Blue, I'll have a tough choice to make!
  8. Wolfsburg

    The gripe thread.

    So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing and can’t say I have much in the way of gripes although from an aesthetic viewpoint, I’m not crazy about the fender flares. I also still wish a V8 had been an option for those that wanted it (assuming it indeed isn’t). I’m not seeing any dealbreakers though, so...
  9. Wolfsburg

    Top speed

    88mph. Hopefully with the Bronco, I won’t necessarily need roads.
  10. Wolfsburg

    How much would you pay for a V8 in the Bronco?

    I'd say a 2k premium for a V8 would be reasonable in my book.
  11. Wolfsburg

    Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    Oh I don't disagree as far as the practicality of the Ecoboost offerings. They are fine engines with reasonable performance and mpg to boot, but if I had my preference, I'd rather have had a rumbling V8 under the hood at the expense of some mpg in a vehicle like the Bronco. Haha!
  12. Wolfsburg

    Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    I think there are some that are gonna hate it no matter what and others that would love and defend it if it only had 3 wheels. For me the SFA/IFS argument is neither here nor there as I doubt I will ever be offroading to an extent that it will matter much. Some muddy/flooded trails at most...
  13. Wolfsburg

    List of 2021 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

    Lol! Ehhhh, that’s exactly why I like it! It reminds me of perhaps an aged, vintage Acapulco blue or the blue you find on unrestored Shelby Daytonas, etc. etc. To me, def a more unique blue than your typical “electric” blue variation or baby/Petty/Grabber blue you see offered all the time.
  14. Wolfsburg

    Will you buy the 2 or 4 door?

    I think in a perfect world, that's what I'd really want but I doubt it'll happen.
  15. Wolfsburg

    Will you buy the 2 or 4 door?

    As of now, I'd want the 2-door unless the 4-door turns out just looking better proportioned upon official unveiling. For my purposes, the 2-door suffices for any practical considerations though.
  16. Wolfsburg

    List of 2021 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

    I'm glad to hear that because it would've been disappointing if this limited (and rather bland) palette was all there is. I would expect an enthusiast-oriented vehicle like this would have a nice array of color options. I had been hoping for something akin to Ford Performance Blue or Highland...