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  1. North Carolina REDUCED: 2021-2022 Bronco ARB Under Vehicle Protection Panels ARB5480100 (Skid Plates) - $450

    I am tempted but not sure they would work with my plastic bumper and I don't want to swap that out at this time.
  2. Patches

  3. Broke the axle on my Badlands Bronco... pics and video

    Nice video, like seeing you rescue all the jeeps before you broke, haha. Most people who ordered sasq, are never going to use it to it's full potential as is.
  4. Anyone Running Just Front Mud Flaps?

    Same. It would drive me nuts, lol... have all 4 corners on mine.
  5. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Do you mean a rattle from a panel? Both sides or just one? I do not have that at all with my kicker CS kick panel speakers. Are you sure everything is installed correctly? Possible anything, even a paper tag from a wire harness or panel, etc, is in contact with the speaker?
  6. Pinch Weld Covers

    I installed Ford's rocker panel trail armor. I'm not too worried about it. There are raised areas to allow moisture to escape/dry out.
  7. Anyone getting sick of their color choice???

    Same! I wanted something bright & fun. While I would have preferred a turquoise or teal, it wasn't an option and VB is so pretty! I love this photo because my bronco is dirty & covered in pollen and yet the VB still just glows when the sun hits it right. It's gorgeous.
  8. 2023 Soft Top vs Previous Years?

    I've actually seen far less complaints of water intrusion with the soft top, than with hard top. Yes, you could get some moisture or dry snow or even pollen inside if the vehicle is parked outside in significant winds due to the way it "seals" on the sides, it's not a complete seal... but it's...
  9. CarPlay so slow Ford, it’s 2023.

    Sounds like a crApple issue. My AA connects and is playing music wirelessly before im buckled and shifting out of park.
  10. I saw it yesterday. Now I can’t unsee it.

    I never noticed it until I sat in the passenger side of my Bronco on a road trip (only time Im ever passenger in my car is if I need a break driving). I never noticed it because the passenger side A pillar blocks that section of the mirror for me anyways, so I am viewing it "as designed". I...
  11. Put any cool / unique vinyl decals on your Bronco? Let's see them!

    Double tap the left joystick twice :D
  12. Problems driving in sand

    This is unusual sounding. So it drives fine, no lights, then after a few minutes you get a sudden change and then the lights pop up? I've had beach days with my Bronco friends at Fort Fisher (pretty deep soft sand out there) all but one of us on 3.73 gears w/no lockers.. one of which has 37s &...
  13. How low can you run the battery voltage?

    Fingers crossed for ya. Works for some!
  14. How low can you run the battery voltage?

    It's possible it was still providing some charge when I got the initial warning message (low power mode and wanting to preserve power). This was a bad voltage regulator from the factory. Not due to off-roading or mud, etc. I drove 5 miles home. I did some research that night trying to figure...
  15. How low can you run the battery voltage?

    It's been just over 6 months since my alternator stranded me in the middle of an intersection. I was almost to the dealer so I tried to make it there (literally had less than a mile left). Had I known it was the alternator I would have had it towed, but I thought it was a battery issue so...
  16. Kicker Hideaway 8" settings

    Nope I completely forgot, lol. Sorry. I was just thinking the other day I needed to adjust it some more though.
  17. PSA if you use a pressure washer to clean your Bronco Raptor bumper.

    Yikes. I use a 40 degree tip for cars (even has a picture of a car on it) and have never damaged anything. Just be glad that all you damaged was that and not the paint.
  18. Jazer's Blu Pony

    Recieved my Trickflate air compressor today. I went back and fourth on a bunch of options and weighed my potential usage vs cost, etc.. and decided to give this one a try. Going to be working up a dual or quad hose setup for it.
  19. Help - Black Diamond Bigger Wheels....how big can I go....or should I go Badlands?

    I mean, I disagree, they don't look stuffed. These are Badlands optional wheel take offs on my non-sasq OBX and they look perfect. OP same suspension on my OBX as your BD would have so if you can overlook the painted fender flares giving it a slightly different look, it will give you an idea...

    Done & done, thanks for the opportunity.