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  1. Salvage Bronco Raptor on Copart Ouch!

    anyone know if you can buy a part from these salvages websites or you have to buy the whole vehicle, take the part, then deal with the rest? Is it financially feasible to then turn around and give the vehicle back without the that said part you took?
  2. California MIC Mirror Covers for Lux/High

    Would love a video or step-by-step for how you took these off!
  3. Updated Soft Top design improvements spotted on 2023MY Bronco

    To be fair, this is what mine looked like when I first got it. After having it for just over a year and taking the top down a handful of times, it doesn't look like new in the slightest :ROFLMAO:
  4. . [Closed due to abandonment by OP]

    Black painted hardtop, when?
  5. PSA: Beauty Ring Bolts -- Removal Issues & Replacement Cost - BE AWARE!

    I had issues removing mine when getting them powder-coated. The fact that nearly everyone is having problems with them should indicate we raise a concern to Ford. Isn't there some type of association for consumers to raise issues with big companies?
  6. SEMA 2dr Daily Driver Build on 40s w/ 4.5" Lift - Doetsch OffRoad

    Now this is how you do it. What’s the MPG like on those?
  7. Beware of steering wheel issue. A working replacement part has proven to be almost impossible to get.

    I'm glad I'm not alone. I thought nothing of the frayed stitching as it was somewhat normal, I thought. But I did notice it one day in a bizarre area of the steering wheel, knowing I didn't do anything to cause it. I didn't think to bring it up with my dealer since it was small, I didn't...
  8. First Look! ORACLE Bronco Side Mirrors w/ Integrated LED Ditch Lights

    Can you make a gloss black finish? Similar to '21 Wildtrak/FE.
  9. Washington Factory OEM 4-door Rock Rails

    Would you meet somewhere halfway between the gorge and seattle?
  10. Washington WTS 4-Door MIC Hardtop [N. Kitsap Co.]

    1.0 or 2.0? Interested and in the Seattle area.
  11. Bronco First Edition on the Denali Highway, Alaska. There and back - Twice

    Is your rig rocking 37s? Also, what mud-flaps are installed? Looks superb! Another question, lol: What are you using to tie down your recovery boards? Do they have a locking mechanism?
  12. Anyone in Real Estate?

    Nice concept! If you ever need product design or dev hit me up!
  13. FLASH SALE | 10% OFF Fog Light Kits at 4x4TruckLEDs.com

    Advantages/disadvantages with flush bracket vs non flushed?
  14. Utah $50k NO RESERVE!!! Bronco

    Appreciate the reply! Going to try out something like this soon.
  15. Utah $50k NO RESERVE!!! Bronco

    Good luck with the sale! I'm curious how and what you used to tie down your kayak since I too have a soft top and a kayak that needs to get out in the sun!
  16. Bronco Heritage Edition Spied Wearing MOD Top, Squared Flares, Retro Grille, Robins Egg Blue!

    Ok Ford, please don't screw us on the painted hard top price.