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  1. "Baja Bronco Build"

    Alpha Rex headlights.
  2. "Baja Bronco Build"

    Power Tank Bracket, Power Tank, H3R Fire Extinguisher.
  3. "Baja Bronco Build"

    Lowrance GPS, PCI Kenwood Radio
  4. "Baja Bronco Build"

    Some new pics, getting ready for Baja. Still no hood! I’m like: You’re killing me Smalls! Off road wheels / tires. Besttop Trektop.
  5. OEM Tire Circumference Values

    To tell you the truth, this time I didn’t even bother trying. I was able to ad Baja, and rock crawl. I’m 3mph off, and I can live with it for now. Going to Baja in a week, and I’m getting ready. I’ll deal with it when I get back, but thanks.
  6. Problems driving in sand

    No worries, have some fun ready all that! IDK if that’s your problem or not, but it almost makes sense if the trans heats up. And you might be one of the few that run in sand?
  7. Anyone install this ICON suspension lift?

    I have a 22 Outer Banks. I run Icon’s Stage 8 kit. Basically incredible! I’m not sure what kit your looking at, but it lists rear leaf springs? Broncos don’t have rear leafs.
  8. Problems driving in sand

    Here’s a few https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/is-your-7mt-manual-transmission-making-grinding-scraping-noise-too-spreadsheet-video-and-all-resources-for-rotational-scraping-noise-in-the-7mts.63324/unread...
  9. Problems driving in sand

    Just guessing here, but could it be the 2.3 / 7 speed issues that have been discussed on here? Could be the transfer case and or transmission is being overworked? Sand stresses / torques everything.
  10. Problems driving in sand

    Sand definitely isn’t the same at any 2 places. Sand in the Oregon dunes isn’t like Glamis, and Glamis isn’t like Little Sahara. Beach sand is different everywhere too. Some powdery, some harsh with crushed shells. Momentum is the key. But you should definitely be better than a Hyundai Tucson...
  11. Problems driving in sand

    18 seems fine. You tried sand, sport, Baja modes, and they all weren’t noticeably better?
  12. Problems driving in sand

    Driving in sand is challenging, and an art. First question, did you air down? You want to float on sand, not dig in.
  13. Put any cool / unique vinyl decals on your Bronco? Let's see them!

    Thanks, hoping to ad a few pics soon. Besttop Trektop is on, off road wheels & tires on, radio in, GPS going in, Power Tank bracket going in, hood supposed to be done shortly.
  14. Put any cool / unique vinyl decals on your Bronco? Let's see them!

    Have this pic on my build thread.
  15. New guy from NJ

    Welcome from Tucson AZ. North Jersey / 973 was my old stomping grounds the first 45 years of my life! Miss the Italian food, but that’s about it…
  16. OEM Tire Circumference Values

    Thanks for that information! As I know the feeling! Didn’t know that, now wondering how to change for 37s? Doing the change from inches to millimeters I came up with 2946. I’m going to need to recheck this, or live with the wrong speed.
  17. Bronco Cartoon!

    Very cool, I love cartoon stuff like this!
  18. Any aftermarket bumper options for better approach angle, winch compatible AND keep my front camera and ACC ?

    IMO, ADD makes great bumpers. Run them on my Bronco, and Raptor. They also make an ACC relocation bracket. They have a pretty good installation instructions for them too.