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  1. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    My middle bar, the one that is part of the soft top frame, smacks and rattles on the roof rack where the divet is. Maybe it’s only mine.
  2. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    Have you had issues with the soft top bar rattling / slamming on the rack?
  3. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    From what I understood they were standard on all soft tops from 2021. Was it an additional ticket item that cost more money?
  4. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    I had to take mine off too or else it didn’t fit. Note to others: I would note the rack will not fit right unless you countersink and would consider that step mandatory, not optional.
  5. Texas 4 Door Fender Flares - Non Sasquatch

    Price drop $250
  6. Texas 4 Door Fender Flares - Non Sasquatch

    Looking to sell our stock Fender Flares - $300 OBO. Pickup in Burleson.
  7. Anyone in DFW want to trade their hard top for my soft top?? (I know its a long shot)

    Easy to find if you want to throw 4k down on top of the trade. Otherwise no one is going to trade top for top.
  8. Warning: Extended Warranty didn't cover MIC Top crack damage

    Nah it was one of the upper ones. But it didn’t cover a lot of stuff.
  9. Warning: Extended Warranty didn't cover MIC Top crack damage

    Honestly, we passed on the ESP the second time around with Ford. They refused to honor things like having a rental available for service and after reading the fine print almost nothing is covered besides engine.
  10. Texas Factory Steel Rear Bumper w/ Sensors w/o Sasquatch $250

    Ah that’s a shame. I was just down there, but won’t be back for a while. If you make you way up towards dfw anytime soon give me a shout.
  11. Foot-Pegs

    Well this is an easy decision. Thanks.
  12. SOLD… 2021 Ford Bronco BB SAS

    Do you have the window sticker you can post? We are thinking about selling the 4 door and getting a 2.
  13. Foot-Pegs

    Price? If they are anything near the RTR price I will be waiting for the mid quality Chinese made ones.
  14. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    Perfect. Already pre-ordered so hopefully it works out well for me. Are the final bolts going to be black as well?
  15. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    I hope y’all do a good job powder coating, lots of accessories have been thin and having issues. Although, rain shouldnt be a huge issues. Do you have pictures of how something like a standard cross bar kayak attachment fits?
  16. BAMF Soft-Topless roof rack

    Another price for crossbars that make me feel price gouged on the Bronco. Seems you get more for your money than the other option right now at least. How exactly would kayaks mount to this with the crossbar adapters?