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  1. Ford Says These MIC Hardtop Cracks Are Considered Normal

    I just got my MY23 WT hardtop and the edges are extremely sharp, I was so surprised, other than that the truck is amazing. I keep a set of work gloves in the car, but kind of sad the quality on these tops arent better especially after the first model year the kinks should have been ironed out.
  2. Ford Slide Out Tailgate

    Its due to weight, thats why when you play around with the configuration you catn add roof racks as well. Badlands come with skids too and not available with the slide out tailgate
  3. Rock throwing - Raptor

    I went with Rekgen XL mudflaps for my Wildtrak. I put them on before driving my Bronco off the lot after buying. A week later had full ceramic infused PPF Ceramic Pro Kavaca installed. I park on a gravel driveway every day and no rock chips or rocks shooting everywhere. Just took off the hoop...
  4. Insurance cost for 6 months

    my 2021 soft top badlands with Geico purchased Jan 2022-March 2022(sold) was $1234 for 6 months in DC. I guess Geico found out how hard it is to get parts or the cost of Bronco parts because my fully loaded 2023 Wildtrak was priced at $1600-$1800 for 6 months with Geico, after shopping around...
  5. Mod Bumper Fog Light Install

    I'm watching, I'm about to undertake the same thing. There are so many pages on this topic but so hard reading through 50-60 pages!
  6. Finally got my Wildtrack ( and under MSRP)

    Congrats! Just got my WT 2 weeks ago! Absolutely love it!!
  7. February 2022 Orders!

    As soon as the order banks open, try finding a small dealer with healthy allocations at MSRP even if you have to go out of your area, I had closer dealers to me but they were charging $15000-$20000 ADM, so I drove 45-an hour away to Academy. I'd recommend looking now so you're ready when they open.
  8. Welcome Home!! Thank you Academy Ford in Laurel MD- MSRP honored

    Thank you! Loving your WT in your avatar!
  9. Welcome Home!! Thank you Academy Ford in Laurel MD- MSRP honored

    After going back and forth on color, options, trims, and not to mention the wait, its been grueling but finally here and adding my room full of mods weekly!! I bugged my sales rep Jackie so much and she was a real trooper, she knew the pain of waiting because she has a 2 dr Bronco as well. They...
  10. February 2022 Orders!

    I hope so too! Do you know how many orders they have unbuilt currently?
  11. Have you put Stickers on your Bronco? Let's see them

    I put on the Rough Grounds Wildtrak graphic $90 vs OEM, $525 for a decal, no thank you! Before and after(with PPF as well)
  12. February 2022 Orders!

    I was a bit worried because I compromised my first order in 2021, Badlands fully loaded, lux, tow, mod bumper, mgv etc. only thing I didn't get that I really really wanted was the hardtop and Sasquatch. Placed the order August 2021 and it was delivered December 28th 2021 when I was traveling for...
  13. February 2022 Orders!

    Delivered 2/13/23 picked up dirty on 2/14/23 washed on 2/15/23 and PPF’d last week!
  14. Keypad mounted inside gas door on Bronco Raptor

    I forgot to move it off the door and I just got full PPF :-( Guess its staying on the door until I need to replace that doors PPF :-/
  15. IAG Interior Dome Light install, 4 dr HT.

    I didnt tap into that wire, I wanted manual control so I just ran it to Aux 6 instead that way I dont have bright lights coming on everytime a door opens, I just flick the switch whenever I do need it.
  16. Anyone found something to protect the interior paint on the tailgate

    I just picked up my Bronco from Ceramic Pro, had them PPF the inside of the door instead of the outside.
  17. Pre-Delivery actions to take?

    Almost a week later, just waiting for the ceramic to cure. Can’t wait to see it and pick up Monday! I had them add rough grounds, wildtrak sticker on the sides. Only $90 vs Ford’s $520.
  18. Paint protection film PPF -- considering XPEL for Bronco Raptor

    Same, I told Jason/Mabett the same thing via FB but I guess not.
  19. Paint protection film PPF -- considering XPEL for Bronco Raptor

    I'll give that a try, thanks for the heads up! Mabett usually makes announcements and offers promotional pricing. I have already ordered this, which is made to order but I'll use whichever works better for me, my dog, and the slide out tailgate table...
  20. New Member and new Bronco owner / 2 DR Badlands Build

    Thats an led that flashes. Congrats! I just got my oxford White WT last week!