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  1. MIC Noise Reduction Guide - wind sound- aka more (or less) cowbell please

    (This is on a 4DR) We did the methods described as well and our 'overall' noise seems to be better and we can hear better when talking to someone in the backseat but now we're seeming to get extra noise from the front lip of the two front panels. The noise at the front wasn't as bad for the...
  2. Quake LED Trail Sight Delete DRL Kit w/ Sequential Turn Signal - Installed pics / videos & review

    Patents are frequently worked around in addition to the fact ford licenses products. It wouldnt be inconceivable to see a trail sight with light, regardless of the patent.
  3. Midland MXT575 GMRS 2-Way Radio Install & Photos *SWR Report*

    You're legally limited to 5watts on FRS. Most are gonna be tomatoe tomato. If you're gonna be line of sight in a convoy or pretty close it likely won't matter what you buy. Just don't expect to talk over or around a mountain regardless what you buy.
  4. Midland MXT575 GMRS 2-Way Radio Install & Photos *SWR Report*

    Youd want handhelds like this. Technically they are FRS 5watt radios but you can talk to the GMRS radios on the lower channels which is a big benefit. Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and...
  5. BAMF Overland front winch bumper

    Same. We didn't need to rewire or extend any wires.
  6. Heated Steering Wheel deletes

    I don't think the Ford Nav ('21 Badlands Lux) is all that good. However, in my experience using both: The Garmin Tread wasn't all that great either. The loaded offroad maps I saw were pretty weak, inaccurate, or non existent. With downloaded TrailsOffroad maps imported into the Tread the maps...
  7. Ford BMS Battery Monitoring System: How it Works, How to Properly Charge, How to Power Accessories

    Ehhh, not quite. You can connect it anywhere you want, it'll just be 'best' to attach things on the other side of the battery monitoring system. Especially with items that draw amps while driving like an amp, air compressor, etc. At the end of the day the vehicle is still going to evaluate the...
  8. Yoter Thermal Scope installed and displaying to screen

    Yes. Dollar for dollar, the ATN thermals are not as good. Comparing them side by side in a retail store, and while hunting. Also, the ATNs are far more difficult to find mounts for due to their design. The ATN included rings are typically pretty cheap to say the least.
  9. Yoter Thermal Scope installed and displaying to screen

    ATN thermals are meh at best. Compare a $3k ATN thermal side by side with an Pulsar or AGM and you'll understand. Specs on paper don't mean shit. Don't buy ATN. They're a shitty company with a shitty product. Their thermals have been dropping in price because they dont sell worth a shit. The...
  10. Yoter Thermal Scope installed and displaying to screen

    Spend as much money as you can if you intend to actually use it. You get what you pay for. Pulsar and AGM are a good starting point. Avoid ATN.
  11. Finance Office - Sharks Perspective

    90 minutes of your life? Fffff that.
  12. Trouble Brewing in Auto Loans as Prices Dip

    The auto industry, both new and used, has a reckoning on the horizon between value adjustments, interest rates, and economic uncertainty. Once supply chains are now longer a major issue on the supply side the demand drop is gonna be nasty. I make all of my money paying interest on overpriced...
  13. Tie Rod Sleeve / Brace -- Aftermarket Upgrade Replacement List

    I got the Bronco Buster on sale. I'd wait until their next sale and grab them. I'd assume they're going to continue to run sales or drop the price due to competition. They are artificially high right meow.
  14. BAMF Overland front winch bumper

    Measure any bumper of a similarly sized vehicle. See if it will fit.
  15. BAMF Overland front winch bumper

    Well it's normally paletized. Measure your current bumper and then see if it'll fit in your vehicle.
  16. Sasquatch seems like alot$

    I'm 16. My rich Grandpappy gifted me a bronco ;).
  17. Sasquatch seems like alot$

    In 40 years my grandkids are gonna be drooling over my Sasquatch with Lux package.
  18. Sasquatch seems like alot$

    I've driven a 12pax E250 and a Ford Taurus up Pikes Peak. No Sasquatch package required!
  19. Upfitter switches?

    If you plan on using any lights, radios, air compressors, etc the upfitter switches work great!
  20. Ford Performance Axle-Back Exhaust installed on 2.3 Bronco (with sound clip video)

    Maybe you should hit some trails with elevation! It's pretty easy to hit 2500 RPM when in a lower gear going down a hill, let alone up a hill. Regardless, IF there are any HP and TQ gains they would still extrapolate at lower RPMs, too.