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  1. PNWB2

    Bronco 2 Door preview renderings (with white top)

    Yes, put me down for a dark green with a tan interior.
  2. PNWB2

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    Tires look bald on that sport, but I think the overall looks are pretty good. Came out exactly as I expected it to.
  3. PNWB2

    Is anybody else praying their current vehicle lasts long enough for the Bronco to be available?

    I know my truck will hold up til the Bronco comes out, but I was hoping not to cross that 100k mile threshold. The value seems to drop pretty quickly after that.
  4. PNWB2

    Bronco Raptor spied testing?!

    I dig the single cab short bed raptor look. Someone is having fun with the chicken haha I bet they're testing for some shared designs bewteen both the Bronco and Raptor. Maybe the next gen Raptor will also be coil sprung rear? I'm not sure if that rear end is trussed or just a cover plate to...
  5. PNWB2

    2021 F-150 front and rear designs revealed! What do you think?

    I like it. The day time light running down into the fog light is a nice touch.
  6. PNWB2

    The Clutch Gang

    She knows how, but doesn't enjoy it. It's a minor sacrifice to make. Happy wife, happy life ;)
  7. PNWB2

    2-Door 2021 Bronco Prototype Makes Grand First Appearance, Bombing Through Snow and Catching Air!

    Yes, been waiting for this! I like what I'm seeing!
  8. PNWB2

    New aftermarket for previous gen Broncos?

    James Duff also has one for the Full size and Bronco II. James Duff SAS
  9. PNWB2

    The Clutch Gang

    I'll get a manual if the Bronco ends up being a 2dr toy and I keep my truck as a daily. If I let the truck go, I'll have to get the 4 door and an auto so the wife can drive it also.
  10. PNWB2

    what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    I drive my '13 F-150 daily. Hands down the best truck I've owned. My prior '95 F-250 was a very close second
  11. PNWB2

    Type of tires you want

    I have BFG All Terrain KO2s on my F-150. Have been very happy with the traction and tread wear. Would buy again. The KO2s look more aggressive than the old style and that's what kinda sold me on them. Had run Goodyear Duratracs prior to that. Very a happy with the duratrac traction and wear...
  12. PNWB2

    WA State Check-In

    Hello, Saw there were no posts in this forum, so I thought I would get the ball rolling. I'm from western WA, close to Mount Rainier! I'll be looking to either sell my F150 and pick up a 4 door Bronco, or let my little Bronco II go and pick up a 2 door. Still waiting to see what the 2dr looks...
  13. PNWB2

    Ford becomes "Official Vehicle" of King of the Hammers; does this mean Bronco will be there?

    My guess is they will have the Bronco R there for people to look at. Maybe a rig running one of the Bronco's planned motors so they can claim it survived one of the most challenging off road races in the world. Either of those would be cool to see! Wouldn't be surprised if they just have a...
  14. PNWB2

    Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    Since it's the "rugged" version it probably has it's own headlight style. Kinda like on the Explorers. The XLT has chrome lights and the Sports have black lights.
  15. PNWB2

    New Maverick spy pics in Arizona

    The bottom pic is old, but they've got some different wheels on the top two. Maybe testing with production size now?
  16. PNWB2

    Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    They probably just had some left over vinyl wrap scrap and someone had an idea lol Is that another brake light on the bumper under the tire or a reflector?
  17. PNWB2

    Bronco Maverick Name Confirmed in Ford Parts System?

    Maybe they're bringing back the old maverick haha
  18. PNWB2

    Newly Spied: 2021 Bronco in Rugged Trim!

    I like what i'm seeing and that we are really rolling in the updates now! Wonder if they will be taking this version out to Moab, Rubicon, or the KOH any time soon.
  19. PNWB2

    Bronco to debut in April prior to NYIAS-Ford Authority

    Would be nice to see an earlier official release than June. There's so much speculation and articles out there with bad information that Ford could to curb some of that by giving out some real information.
  20. PNWB2

    Spy Video, Underbody / Suspension and Interior Closeups of 2021 Bronco Prototype!

    Excited to see these prototypes running around! Disappointed to not see a SFA (Ford needs that to really compete with the Wranger off road fans and one major selling point with me), but I'm sure they will still sell tons of them with IFS anyways. If we're lucky, maybe they're saving that...