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  1. Build My (LEGO) Brick Bronco

    I have sent you messages on IG and here. I'm interested.
  2. Hot Wheels Red Line Club Bronco diecast coming 2023

    My two accounts will be ready! LOL
  3. Unavailable Message - Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery

    I’ve been having some issues with my lights just turning on at night randomly but then tonight I got this message. First of all whydoes my 2022 battery need preservation. I’ve had the car roughly 4 months. I was also just driving it less than 2 hrs ago. So it’s been started recently. Something...
  4. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    I had a pretty serious surgery last Friday. I’m home recovering and he’s aware of that. He’s encouraging me to take time to heal and make my way out next week. I’m in no mood to get into any car at the moment.
  5. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Dealer just called. He’s on vacation until next week. Truck arrived at the dealership today. Picking up next Monday!
  6. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Its crazy to think after all this time I'm just DAYS away from having this truck! What a wild ride its been. So stoked! This old librarian is gonna go get lost in the woods. :geek: I also just got my assembly line photo today. YES!
  7. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Just got off the phone with CSX. Bronco stopped off in Nashville yesterday. Will be in Bham tomorrow. So close!
  8. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Anyone else in Alabama gotten rail information yet?
  9. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Its from this page showing the Bronco. Weird, right?
  10. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    On my Ford.com what does this mean? It's the page showing the status of my bronco.
  11. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    this page has no Base 2ds in Cactus. If and when I get a photo I will submit it. #first
  12. [SHUT DOWN] 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    Thank you! I found it later and my truck is on the way! :)
  13. 5/9 Build Week group. (ManSquatch Week)

    Another member told me no email would go out over the weekend. Expect it Monday. I'm 189/1693 and my Mods popped but no email or no tear tag. I did however confirm with Ford Chat that my truck is going to be at my dealer between 6/9-6/15