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  1. Borne Off-Road Wheel Spacers

    It looks like 1.2” would turn the SAS OEM wheels into the equivalent of a zero offset wheel. From this thread, sounds like no stud trimming is required. However, I’d rather get the 1” version instead and keep them tucked a little. will that still work? Anything available right now?
  2. Win an ARB Portable Compressor this Holiday Season

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for making my Christmas list easy to complete... always something I want. I subscribed with my Gmail account. If you want to know what it is (not the same as here) I'll tell you ion a DM.
  3. Adding nut inserts to roll bar?

    IT seems like those might work, but I have never used those. Have you? Any way I could screw things up?
  4. Adding nut inserts to roll bar?

    I have an early '21, which means I am also missing several nut inserts in the roll bar of later builds. Several accessories I have looked at depend on these mounting points. Is it possible for me to add those inserts now on my own?
  5. How are you decorating your Bronco for Christmas or holidays? Post yours! 🎅

    They are Vinyl stickers. I made them on my wife's Cricut.
  6. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Did anyone happen to save the dummy plugs from the factory harness, and are you willing to sell them to me? I think I am going to go another way and not connect my fog lights to the factory harness/switch. I thought I save my dummy plugs, and put them someplace safe, and now I can't find...
  7. Does anyone have a part number for the Transmission Cross Member?

    Well, it seems like the one thing I have bashed up pretty well is the transmission cross member on my 2.7L 4-door. Does anyone know what the part number would be to get a new one? or do you know of a good "pick-n-sell' salvage yard that might have one?
  8. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    generally, the split isn’t a big deal, but if your running nav app (like onX off-road) the extra space would be nice
  9. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    Did you figure out what size space is required for this mount on a SAS package?
  10. Where is external temperature sensor on the Bronco?

    I was driving on I-25 at about 65 mph
  11. Where is external temperature sensor on the Bronco?

    Hmm, is it I’m my mirror or my bumper? I could see that metal bumper getting hot in the sun. I kind of want to find these and go put an ice cube on them for fun.
  12. Where is external temperature sensor on the Bronco?

    I'm noticed that at times the external temperature on my Bronco goes crazy and records a temperature that is WAY off. As an example, I was driving to lunch today and it started out as 81 deg (my watch and weather app said 82), so great! 10 minutes later it said 92 deg for about 5 minutes, and...
  13. Is there a torque spec for the decorative "bead lock" rings?

    so fast! Thank you for finding that for me.
  14. Is there a torque spec for the decorative "bead lock" rings?

    Does anyone know what the torque spec would be for the rings on the factory SAS wheel? Or where I might find out? I assume it's more than "snug", and less than "I will crush you."
  15. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    thanks for those. I would be using the bracket with out the carrier, and really just the bottom bracket on the top hinge. I sand to keep my HAM antenna higher. Any reason I can’t use the bottom plate on the top hindge?
  16. Antenna mount for CB/GMRS/HAM

    I'm been looking for an option that does not require a wheel spacer. Has anyone seen the RTR antenna mount in the wild? If so, any pictures or opinions? RTR CB Antenna/Flag Mount (21+ Bronco w/ RTR Tire Carrier or Accessory - RTR Vehicles