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  1. Next best thing

    Well If I have to wait until Q2/22 for my BL at least my work RIG is playing the part.
  2. Got to see it for real. Pictures DO NOT do it justice.

    For those who have actually been lucky enough to see one in person, pictures just can't capture how amazing this vehicle truly is. This model was the OBX, MIC, SAS, 2.7, tow pkg. Going to be worth the wait!!
  3. How far behind are Ford's systems compared to the dealers?

    Long story short we had our reservation switched from a WT to a BL on 5/28. I've got the signed paperwork preview in my email. I check my status on Ford.com daily to watch for the update and as of today 6/16 it still shows a WT on order. I called Ford this afternoon and the nice lady...
  4. Let's talk coolers

    So I don't know about you guy's but my wife and I are finally jumping on the boat and buying a Yeti cooler for the Bronco. I was against the Roof rack for a MIC top due to the extra steps to remove the top, but I think the roof is the best mounting location. So has anyone had any cool idea's on...