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  1. Switching Plastic to Capable Bumper…

    I just wrapped up this swap. After swapping the bumpers a few weeks ago, I quickly realized the tow hooks the factory plastic bumper/plastic skid use need to be removed to use the capable bumper and OEM steel skid plates or similarly compatible skids (the plastic skid plate won't fit without...
  2. BE WARNED: FORD REWARD POINTS ARE A LIE !!! [Update: Dealer-specific issue]

    OP sorry to hear you're going through a headache with this. FYI I just ordered OEM metal skid plates from a local dealer yesterday and was able to apply my points for credit, so it looks like this isn't consistent across the board.
  3. elseminoleguapo

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    https://karnagemotorsports.com/ Their owners (Nico & Vicky) are very knowledgeable, Bronco owners, and active in the Miami Dade Broncos club.
  4. Baofeng radios

    A buddy put me onto these as a cheap alternative until I eventually hardwire a Midland. They can be had for cheaper on Amazon and they work great. However, as another poster mentioned, they require programming on the Chirp app. Mine came with the USB to do this, so no need for an extra cable for...
  5. Go Rhino Dominator Xtreme DSS Slider Steps Installed

    So far so good, and I've done a few rails and of road parks, plus plenty gravel
  6. Tie Rod Sleeve / Brace -- Aftermarket Upgrade Replacement List

    Non-lifted sasquatch on stock tires here, plan on staying that way for the foreseeable future. I'm not too experienced with off-road upgrades but skeptical about this one. A few questions worth asking if you or others here will humor me: Probability of failure: I know we've heard of some stock...
  7. Xipex® Bronco Sunglasses Holder is On Sale.

    Listen, wiseguy, they said it would hold the sunglasses, not that you'd be able to access them. Pff, some people.
  8. elseminoleguapo

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    I got involved with the Miami-Dade Broncos club this past week. They've been planning frequent meetups and are a really fun and knowledgable bunch. If you'd like to get involved or learn more about upcoming events, DM me for details. At Lazy Springs this past Saturday:
  9. elseminoleguapo

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    FYI, Ben, the owner of Tint Haus, is active in our Miami Dade Broncos club and I've seen his work in person (He has a great custom wrap on his 2-Dr Basesquatch). Can vouch for the quality and several club members have used him for PPF with great results.
  10. AR | Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    @EIGHTLUG this is really tremendous work. Still interested for my Base, but with some different material choices. Let us know what's available, e.g., leather instead of Alcantara, and if it's possible to go leather all around or of there are some alternatives to the carbon. With the right...
  11. Highway Robbery or The New Norm

    Two options: breakdown and buy breakdown and cry And if you do #1 you'll do #2 anyway, so have a good cry and wait it out.
  12. Katzkin Install Results - MGV Upgrade to Leather Seat Covers (Autumn color)

    Man, that Autumn color looks tremendous. Thanks for sharing. Eventually I'm doing the heated/cooled Katzkins on my base. When you're sitting inside and can see all the black and gray of the interior does the light brown look out of place?
  13. elseminoleguapo

    South Florida (FTL/Miami to Key West) Bronco Club

    I got mine from Midway. They gave me an estimate and it arrived earlier than anticipated, but in my case Ford's build tracker was accurate. FYI I dealt with Javier Gandia at Midway and he was great. Easy to work with and honored MSRP.
  14. ARB Bumper Line Up for Your Ford Bronco

    Agreed. Not sure how we have so many designs (not unique to ARB) with jagged lines and sharp "futuristic" angles to pair with a boxy, retro-inspired car. To each their own, but at least 3/4 bumpers I've seen stick out like sore thumbs in a bad way. Give me clean and something that doesn't break...
  15. Give a shout out to your dealership if they honored MSRP pricing

    Midway Ford in Miami honored MSRP on my Basesquatch, with zero nonsense like VIN etching, NO2 in the tires, etc. stuffed in there. Javier Gandia was a pleasure to deal with and stuck to his word. With some of the horror stories I had read from other reservation holders on here, I was waiting...
  16. Go Rhino Dominator Xtreme DSS Slider Steps Installed

    Step width from what I can tell, with the DSS being the narrowest. I went with the DSS and they're great so far.
  17. Xipex® Cargo Carbon Steel Molle Panels is On sale.

    Thanks! If you have a bolt that's flush or closer to it you can use for the connection between the bottom plate and the tie down bracket there's a better chance this won't interfere with liners. The better solution might be to remove the bottom row of squares from the grid (no one will likely...
  18. Xipex® Cargo Carbon Steel Molle Panels is On sale.

    I'm curious about all of these. I use a Husky trunk liner. I'm wondering about compatibility for the lower with the mounts onto the tie downs and having a liner on top. The bottom looks flush from the pics, and I'm wondering if those bolts on the side would be an issue. Do you have any pictures...