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  1. How to disable seatbelt chime

    I would just like to say thank you for posting this. That seatbelt chime was starting to drive me insane.
  2. UPDATE: After 2 years of waiting and only a week left, I think I'm going to pass on the Bronco

    Not that I care whether or not you get your bronco, but I don’t know where all of this “not a good daily driver” stuff comes from. I’ve been daily-ing mine for a week and it drives great on the road.
  3. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    I’ve had mine (2.7) for less than a week and as of yet haven’t noticed any downsides. Always seems to have power when I want/need it.
  4. Lead Foot Gray 2023 Bronco Spotted! In Everglades Trim

    Nice color. But that everglades graphic feels a bit tacky to me.
  5. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Brought my Basesquatch home yesterday afternoon! Ordered 10/18, built 6/19, shipped 7/1, arrived at dealership 7/14. Windshield recall only delayed it a day. Still have a few minor modifications in the next few days - installing a nudge bar, scripts, and will be getting the beauty rings powder...
  6. Broncy McBroncFace Build

    Just wanted to say that those seats and Area 51 are a match made in heaven. Very well done.
  7. Badlands Non-SAS - Your Thoughts & Pics?

    I think that the badlands is the only trim that still looks good without SAS. The outer banks, on the other land, looks terrible without SAS.
  8. Nailed it with the color but then.....

    Brodozer in full effect with both the color and wheels.
  9. Should I buy this Black Diamond 2 Door Iconic Silver for MSRP?

    likely. But it’s still rolling the dice - as opposed to just a few months of patience. Again, only giving what I would do. If the risk reward is there for you, by all means go for it.
  10. Should I buy this Black Diamond 2 Door Iconic Silver for MSRP?

    If I’m in that situation, I 100% wait to get exactly what I want. Months will fly by and you’ll be glad you didn’t settle. Especially considering the difference between 4 doors and 2. That’s not exactly a minor difference, it’s a completely different vehicle.
  11. Time From Arriving At The Final Rail Yard to the Dealer

    I just got the call yesterday that my Bronco is at the dealer for final servicing, detailing, and the windshield recall. So 4 days after arriving at the railyard, and a total of 13 days after my "shipped" notification.
  12. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Mine shipped about a week ago (I'm in NC) and it arrived at the railyard in WInston Salem 2 days ago. No movement since, but the only thing I'm awaiting at this point is convoy to the dealer in Raleigh.
  13. RAKET “Multi-Top” Roof Rack coming soon - Q&A + Input

    This is exciting. Biggest priority for me would be something that could fit over my soft top. I routinely haul surfboards, sometimes at a distance, and here in NC we have unpredictable summer storms.
  14. Time From Arriving At The Final Rail Yard to the Dealer

    Anyone have any updates on their time at the rail yard? Mine just got to the rail yard in Walkertown NC, and from what I understand this is where it’ll be picked up via convoy for final delivery to my dealer in Raleigh. Either way I’m pumped for being on the home stretch.
  15. Hello from NC!

    I’m in Raleigh and could take them off your hands. Am I too late?
  16. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Just got off of ford chat, who gave me a rail car number with Norfolk Southern. Called the NS automated tracking line and the rail car is in West Virginia. So it sounds like the vehicle is on its way! Told my wife that at this point I don’t really care about when it gets here; I am just happy...
  17. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Fully support any frustrations--or opinions, for that matter, from anyone who has been waiting for their vehicle for a while. On the other hand though, I don't exactly think it's sticking it to ford by saying, "Here's my 50K but I won't do business with you after this."
  18. BaseSquatch Base Sasquatch Bronco Club

    I love how you put the script on the door. I think it might look even better this way than where the Sasquatch decal is. Might have to copy that.
  19. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Evidently mine shipped on the first. Anyone care to share how long shipment took? I’m in NC and it’s via rail. EDIT: Talked to my dealer - they said the status was changed to shipped, but it's still at the plant.
  20. Alternator 100% destroyed from mudding

    Sounds like your estimated 30 inches of water could’ve easily been deeper than that. I know it sucks, but taking any vehicle through water sort of becomes the owners fault and not the vehicle manufacturer.