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  1. California SOLD 2 door OEM Skids with asfir transmission skid

    OEM 2 door engine and transfercase skid, asfir transmission skid, and asfir transfercase brace/bracket. These are used, meaning they have been installed, but they have no trail damage. All hardware is included to the best of my knowledge. I had help replacing these with metalcloak skids so I...
  2. Updated my Goat Fab Sliders

    When I ordered my sliders Goat Fab didn't offer a top plate for them or I would have bought them that way. Anyway I decided to add a plate to make a better step.
  3. California Base plastic bumper

    Base plastic bumper. Has two small screw holes where I mounted the license plate. I'll throw in the license plate bracket I made. Also includes the plastic air dam/skids. Yuba City, CA $100
  4. MetalCloak 2.5" non-Squatch spacer lift

    Noticed this on the Metal Cloak website. Another option for people looking for a spacer lift. $179 Ford Bronco 2.5" Puck Lift Kit (metalcloak.com)
  5. Getting MIC 2.0

    I dropped my 2 door off this morning to get the MIC top replaced for the recall. Here's hoping the MIC 2.0 is better than 1.0 in some way. Better finish, less popping, something!
  6. Good Review of Midland's new 50W GMRS Radio

    I already have a GMRS radio but I thought I would share this. Randy (reviewer) is no Midland fan, but he does like this radio and it sounds like a perfect trail radio.
  7. MetalCloak got their Bronco

    My wife noticed that @Metalcloak posted a picture of their new 4 door Bronco! Hopefully that means they will be offering Bronco Armor soon.
  8. DIY Winch Bumper Build

    I built myself a winch bumper. I wanted one that didn't block the intercooler and doesn't stick out too far. I have a 2 door base so not worried about cameras. I intended for it to be as light as possible. Not sure I accomplished that at 95lbs. I used 2x4 rectangular tubing, 3/8" plate, a...
  9. Any DIY bumpers?

    Anyone want to share pics of their DIY 6G Bronco bumpers and or winch mounts so we can copy your ideas? Since it is what you wanted, and you like what you created, hopefully people won't dump all over your work.
  10. MIC Top popping noise round 2

    Previously I was able to stop the popping noise by tightening the latch over the driver's head. I thought I was good, but it came back a couple hundred miles later. So today was round 2. If it wasn't driving me nuts, I would just leave it alone since we are all getting new 2.0 MIC tops...
  11. GMRS Installed in 2021 Bronco Base

    This is not meant to be a how to, best approach, or even a good solution. This is just what I did. I’ve been taking info from the forum for over a year, so I try to contribute when I have something others might find interesting. What I bought and where: (not affiliate links or anything)...
  12. 2 Door Base Sasquatch Delivered

    2 Door Base Sasquatch, 2.7 Reserved 7/13/2020 Ordered 1/20/2021 Blend 6/19/2021 Delivered 8/4/2021 Dealer Geweke Ford, Yuba City CA Paid MSRP, no drama Been lurking here for about 18 months. Decided it was about time I contribute. The Bronco now has about 550 miles on it. No issues. No...