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  1. Developing a HATE for my Load Range E Tires

    Actually it won't effect the ride enough with those tires in particular. I had them on my Ram 2500 set at 45/40 pounds which is what was recommended by Carli suspension. The additional weight and stiffness that an E rated tire adds just makes them much less compliant. Here you have a load...
  2. Valkyrie Offroad, where are you guys? Can't seem to reach you.

    Ok I got a reply from them. They’ve just been a bit short of staff. Something I’m sure many of us can be familiar with.
  3. Valkyrie Offroad, where are you guys? Can't seem to reach you.

    Ok cool. I was hoping they hadn’t gone out of business. maybe they’ll get back to me next week? 🤞
  4. Valkyrie Roof Rack - New and Improved

    Hello Valkyrie, I’ve sent you a PM regarding an issue with this particular roof rack. I’ve tried to call multiple times and left messages. And I’ve returned emails to Cory regarding the same. Can you guys please get in touch with me so we can resolve this amicably? Thank you
  5. Valkyrie Offroad, where are you guys? Can't seem to reach you.

    Just putting this out there to see if anyone has had any interactions with Cory at Valkyrie Offroad @Valkyrie Off Road this year? I've been attempting to contact them via phone, email and here through PM about an issue with their latest version of the 4 door roof rack but seem to have been...
  6. Rear cargo drawer system - JcrOffroad

    Interested to see some initial costs on these? Any chance you could let us know ballpark numbers?
  7. Reviews wanted on Expedition One Rear bumper with tire carrier

    I can't give a review on their Bronco offering but I can give one on the dual swing gate for the Ram 2500 I had before this. Customer support: 3 out of 10. and maybe should be less but I'm somewhat removed from it now. The very short story is the bumper arrived with a massive scratch...
  8. The wait is over ... the Bestop SKYRIDER Top is here!!

    I agree. The color is off and will look like aftermarket no matter what. It's a miss then in my book. So much promise with such an unfortunate execution.
  9. Footwell Lighting???

    Nice little lighting kit that is. I agree the interior lights are worthless especially while on the road. impossible to see where that lettuce fell from my taco! LOL
  10. (CLOSED) New Vendor Suma Performance & Convex Mirrors Pre-Order Sale

    @Suma Performance There is a bit more to it than this. The front mirror caps have to come off to be able to fish the heating element wires around otherwise you can't fit them onto the new mirrors as they aren't in the stock location. Also those element wires have to have their tangs bent in...
  11. Nitto Ridge Grappler 35s - Feedback?

    I too bought a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss in the same size. They are a night and day difference in the rock throwing category. I drive the same 1.4 mile gravel road for my archery on weekends and now with the MT and no mud flaps on at all I get maybe one or two hits that I can hear in...
  12. FIRST LOOK: Flush Style LED Tail Lights for the 2021+ Ford Bronco from ORACLE Lighting

    Confirmed for the signature lamps? That's great. I'm ready for these. Are you guys doing anything for those of us who waited for this confirmation?
  13. Hardtop sound deadening mod using Kilmat

    I’ve had no issues so far. We’ve had several plus 100 degree days and I’ve not noticed any problems at all.
  14. MY MGV drivers seat broke - back popped off

    :rolleyes: Or you could save yourself the time and feed the top in first then align the back evenly and push firmly where the two lower clips are. Should just snap in. Might have never been completely in from the factory and the heat and vibration from driving was enough to have it come off...
  15. (CLOSED) New Vendor Suma Performance & Convex Mirrors Pre-Order Sale

    Hello @ Suma Where is the installation instructions? No videos are online and no instructions anywhere obvious?
  16. Lobo Off-Road Product Development Thread

    Great looking offering. I'm going to subscribe to this. I have had issues with relocating the sensors on a bumper I had for my Ram. Glad you guys are doing some research and R&D to accommodate a proper factory like fitment. It's very important. That being said I'll probably leave the...
  17. Mabett Cargo Cover for 4 door coming soon!

    4 dr hardtop interested here
  18. (CLOSED) New Vendor Suma Performance & Convex Mirrors Pre-Order Sale

    I sent that email and never heard back from them?
  19. (CLOSED) New Vendor Suma Performance & Convex Mirrors Pre-Order Sale

    Just curious if I can swap my blue order to the non- blue blis? I've been thinking with the tint I have I won't need the extra blue.
  20. Project “Terminator Bronco” overland build

    They are RokBlokz. I‘ll need to do a write up on them once I have a bit of time