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  1. Midnight Blue

    Customized 2021 Bronco inspired by Maxlider Bronco

    I want to meet the guy who decided it’d be a great idea to slice a rubbermaid trash can and glue the pieces to the sides of the new Bronco.
  2. Midnight Blue

    Customized 2021 Bronco inspired by Maxlider Bronco

    Nice work, Nono! Those goofy-looking flares aren’t your fault.
  3. Midnight Blue

    Bronco release pushed back due to Coronavirus?

    You should look up some common sense. We need a much better handle on the denominator to call any rate a “fact” at this point.
  4. Midnight Blue

    The gripe thread.

    The rear looks like a knockoff JK, which is already outdated by the JL. I’m not a Jeep fan at all, just disappointed in the lack of imagination with the rear window and really the entire rear mimicking the Jeep so closely. Why’d it take 5 years to copy the JK?
  5. Midnight Blue

    2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door and 2 Door Revealed!

    I only got through the first 8 pages of this one, and I just have to say these photos/renders whatever tf they are, they’re ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS. The two-door looks like the FrankenRanger still. It’s 40% hood, 40% door and 20% rear window. It looks pieces together and unfinished. The four-door...
  6. Midnight Blue


    I’m not sure why everyone assumes that Ford can so easily trace the photos to the person who took the photos. Do you think Ford is going back through security footage right now and can somehow pinpoint the exact second the photo was taken, based on . . . what?
  7. Midnight Blue

    Renders/pics so far...

    Plastic flares look cheap, like someone slapped the vehicle together with bubble gum. Every time I see a truck with those goofy ass plastic flares, I have to look and see what the driver looks like . . . almost always a guy who needs a step stool to get in his vehicle.
  8. Midnight Blue

    Spotted: 2021 Bronco VS Jeep Wrangler In The Wild!

    Doesn’t take a conspiracy theory to say Ford doesn’t want you to fully see the brake lights yet, or that “spy” shots are staged.
  9. Midnight Blue

    Spotted: 2021 Bronco VS Jeep Wrangler In The Wild!

    These photos seem cherry-picked to make the Bronco appear smaller than the Jeep. I’m sure the camera got at least one shot from behind where the two vehicles were closer together, or maybe one at any point where the Bronco isn’t further away from the camera than the Jeep.
  10. Midnight Blue

    Spotted: 2021 Bronco VS Jeep Wrangler In The Wild!

    What is “this,” specifically?
  11. Midnight Blue

    Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    The only people setting themselves up for disappointment, are the ones not buying Ford stock while it’s at $7.21. I’ve got a second market account set up for my second Bronco already, gonna try and fund that purchase with Ford’s climb over the next 3 years.
  12. Midnight Blue

    2021 F150 Interior Spy Photos

    Since the Bronco will have the same width as the F-150, might as well. :devil:
  13. Midnight Blue

    2021 F150 Interior Spy Photos

    This must be the lower trim F-150’s screen? I can’t believe they’re still putting screens like that in 2021 vehicles. The Toyotas are the worst, cheap little dinky screens that seriously look and operate just like a flip phone screen.
  14. Midnight Blue

    Your first Bronco mods will be?

    Wholeheartedly agree but it seems a bit wrong/sacrilege to remove this from the front quarter panel, if it’s there.
  15. Midnight Blue

    Here's the 2021 Bronco's Tail Light Shape Illuminated

    I think that’s just the camo unevenly touching the lights. The taillight on the right side has two illuminated corners while the one on the left side only has one illuminated corner. That tells me we’re not seeing all of the illumination on at least the left side, and likely not seeing the...
  16. Midnight Blue

    a new estimate of the bronco 4-door wheelbase

    Repeating the same 112 number with nothing to support it, does little for the conversation. The 112 number is objectively wrong, just look at the poor scaling/calibrations/whatever that is, consider what people who have seen it said (Teo said here that 112 is wrong; the guy who saw it...
  17. Midnight Blue

    a new estimate of the bronco 4-door wheelbase

    If the car is driving away from the photographer at a slight angle, like it is in the photo used in the masterful scaling here, then it will make the vehicle appear shorter. I don’t think that’s very complicated.
  18. Midnight Blue

    a new estimate of the bronco 4-door wheelbase

    Seems obvious to me that you guys were using a photo of the Bronco that was not straight-on. If the side profile is at an angle, your “calibration” will be off. I trust the guy who actually saw it more than I trust your calibrations. Edit: Look at all the different angles unaccounted for:
  19. Midnight Blue

    Official: Bronco Reveal Coming March! Bronco Sport Reveal Follows in April

    I recall from the most reliable sources here that we’re to expect a 6-month window between reveal and launch, so that would be September launch. Again, my unfounded optimism.