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  1. 📷: Base Bronco 2-door with Modular MOD top glass removed

    I wonder if it's a Frankenstein build?
  2. “Bronco Dealer Playbook” describes MIC and MOD (Modular) top differences. Shows larger “Gunner’s Hatch” and confirms removable rear windows.

    With the change in color of the MIC, im now on the fence between the mic and the mod.... Im getting an area 51 Badlands, and I don't know which will look better?? My other concern is which one is queiter... So far it's only speculation that the MOD is queiter .
  3. How long are you on the Bronco6G forum per day?

    Too much(according to my wife)! Or maybe not enough (my inner monologue)... Because my wife is scary. Don't tell her I said that.
  4. Front license plate mount location closeup pic

    Not great.... Not great. ILL look to after market or self Fab something... Not too big a deal. I'm sure after some broncos get delivered people will start posting thier ingenious ideas about plate relocation.
  5. 1st Edition to Base SAS? Am I crazy?

    Well, the only things Ill add to the discussion are: A. Get what makes you happy and what makes sense for you. If a base squatch is a better fit then get it. B. That said , you could probably flip that first edition for a small profit, buy a base squatch, and pocket $20k or more. Down side...
  6. 1st Edition to Base SAS? Am I crazy?

    I’m not sure it the best part, but definitely in the top 100 best parts. 😂
  7. Your first 2021 Bronco mods will be?

    Method 703’s and Yakima RTT.... have both already... may have jumped the gun.
  8. Has anyone completed their order and is leasing?

    Totally agree.... That's why these forums can be great.... If you think about it, if we're more informed, that gives us more power.... We need everything we can get in this huge demand, low supply situation.
  9. Has anyone completed their order and is leasing?

    dont disagree with your assessment. Just remember these numbers will change prior to delivery time.Money factor will change etc.... don’t forget. With a lease you can negotiate Sales price Money factor Security deposit etc The only thing that is not negotiable is the residual.
  10. Has anyone completed their order and is leasing?

    leases will definitely be available. Published residuals, lease calculator, plus it’s a no brainer for an incredibly popular vehicle. Why sell it once, when you can sell it twice (after vehicle comes off lease)! The argument that it’s an off-road vehicle and ford would-not want to lease it I...
  11. Lengthy KOH Ride Video in 2.3L Manual Bronco Badlands Shows Different Terrains and Abilities

    i noticed that too. I haven’t read anything about it. He did mention that the steering wasn’t really effected because of the clutch mechanism. Every front locked vehicle I have driven, that’s how you know the locker has really engaged (the steering is stiff, and it snaps back from near full...
  12. Riddle me this

    Yep, just look at aviation. There are no normally aspirated engines at altitude... no power. You need either a jet engine (basically a few turbos put together), or a turbo piston engine .... turbos enable you to take thin air, and compress it to add more o2 for combustion (the dumbed down and...
  13. Lengthy KOH Ride Video in 2.3L Manual Bronco Badlands Shows Different Terrains and Abilities

    May be my favorite so far. Love the part where they follow a super modded truck on 40” SS making all kinds of noise.... then quietly make it up with no fuss. Glad I went with the manual 2.3! Both set ups have their advantages, but 2.3 for me all day. Thanks for posting!
  14. Badlands Manual - Standard, Mid, or High Package?

    I can understand looking for input to help you decide, but at the end of the day you should just get what YOU want, not what other people say you should want... that’s my input for you. It’s your vehicle and your money... get what makes you happy, and screw what the morons on here say or think...
  15. 2.3 power pack Ford Performance factory tune for auto and/or manual?

    never mind, found it! Available q4 2021! Just made my day, thought we’d have to wait a couple years for it. Only question I have, for those that have installed a ford performance pack, is: Is the unit inconspicuous? Does it mount in the glove box or under the dash?
  16. 2.3 power pack Ford Performance factory tune for auto and/or manual?

    So I know it’s available for the ranger did I miss it in the accessories thread? If available at launch, it’s a no brainer for me. 2.3 manual with 2.7 like power.
  17. Why is BL vs SQ suspension still a mystery???

    Unless you get the manual... then it comes with the 4.7 gearing.
  18. 2.3L power to weight ratio

    test drive the ranger, you won’t be disappointed in the engine (as for the 10 speed, I wasn’t a fan.... but I hear it gets better as it learns).