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  1. Thed

    Broncos on the big screen.

    I've been hanging around the Facebook groups too much lately. That sounds like something someone would actually say over there. It's mind-numbing.
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    Broncos on the big screen.

    This had been around for seventeen years...
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    In-Person Closeup Pics of 2-Door Bronco Wildtrak at Ricart Ford + Impressions

    I can 1000% get used to that view with a black interior and a Rapid Red hood.
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    Aftermarket starting to ramp up

    Now they have to do a "fix" for the radar they're blocking/removing.
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    Weird Loan approval help needed

    I had GAP and two other cars. It was risky, but thanks to past poor financial decisions I always had a car that could take me to work and back. At the end of the day, everything worked out.
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    Weird Loan approval help needed

    This absolutely is asinine. I was in CC debt troubles for years. After paying down a significant portion of it, I lowered the limits to nearly half what they were, just so I wouldn't get myself trouble again. I was living paycheck-to-paycheck with almost nothing in the bank come the day before...
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    Pre-Run Wiring Locations

    Here's the relay box
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    Pre-Run Wiring Locations

    The relay box for the Aux switches is next to the standard fuse box by the battery. The wires will be wrapped up in the harness right next to it.
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    Just got my Bronco....

    This is what I was expecting when I clicked on this thread.
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    Height measurement of spare tire on Sasquatch anyone?

    Good question. I'd like to know the length of the Bronco 4-dr from the back of the rear tires of a non-Sas Badlands to the front bumper. I have a stupid curb in my garage and I plan on backing it in.
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    Anybody currently driving tuner cars? Planning on keeping it when you get your Bronco?

    I've got a little bit of everything, and none of them are leaving any time soon.
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    How Dumb Are Auto "Journalists"

    Don't follow Auto Evolution, they're a garbage-spewing firm of degenerates. The big-name mags and sites are going to have the accurate info and the talented writers.
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    What trim has the best grill? (Poll)

    Badlands, Big Bend, OBX, Wildtrack, Black Diamond, Base In that order.
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    So we stealing the wave or...

    Don't wave with your feet. That's how motorcyclists tell others that there's debris or other hazard in the roadway.
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    2.7L, or 2.3L. Help me make the right decision.

    Unless you want a manual or are pinching pennies, then go 2.7L. It's just a better engine in-and-out.
  16. Thed

    2.3L exhaust note sound

    You're better off making the 2.3L as quiet as possible. I'm almost as willing to say that about the 2.7L since that sounds nearly as atrocious.
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    How unique is your Bronco build? Stats from 1600+ Submitted Ordered Builds

    I did some more digging... you also reserved with Stephens. Your timestamp is an hour past mine soooooo..... poser 🤪
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    All the vehicles we have owned before.

    '96 Ford Ranger - 2010 to present '68 F-100 - 2013 to 2017 '06 Volvo V50 - 2014 to 2015 '16 Miata - 2015 to present '16 Ducati Monster - 2017 '17 Ducati SuperSport - 2017 to present '01 Isuzu Rodeo - 2018 to 2020 '67 F-100 - 2020 to present The only one I didn't love was the Rodeo. Great car...