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  1. bsb78

    Oxford White 4-door Badlands Soft Top in neighbor's driveway

    100% OW CG has a bit of mint in the sunlight.
  2. bsb78

    Lux Package, Why Can’t I Quit You?

    Talk with your dealer about getting them to install it aftermarket, so it’s under warranty. You may pay a decent amount because it’s ala carte, but will be much less than forking out thousands of dollars for one feature. It’s not something out of the ordinary for a dealer to do, they’re used to it.
  3. bsb78

    Will MGV interior withstand pouring rain and wet outsides overnight?

    I really, really doubt the entire interior will be waterproof. SOME things are, but my guess is the main screen, climate/radio buttons, and center console aren’t. They may be water resistant for those few times you’re caught topless, but don’t count on the entire thing being waterproof. When...
  4. bsb78

    Willing pc ‘99ers, what pushed you to MY22

    I’ve been burned once recently buying a first model year car, and I’m not doing it again. Y’all can work out the kinks before I get one 😆
  5. bsb78

    Official info: Here’s Your Chances of 2021 vs 2022 Bronco Based on Reservation Timestamp and Dealer Allocation

    All of this “late availability” screams that this launch is going to be a disaster. The MAP team is one of the best at launches and I feel as if the change agents at the management level are making things way too difficult. If the engineers and launch team had a consistent design phase and then...
  6. bsb78

    Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    I haven’t read through all the replies, but color choices change often and really aren’t solidified until 6-9 months before launch. There are new colors almost every model year, and next one is no different. You’ll be excited, however the conditions apply that some colors may be locked to...
  7. bsb78

    Bronco Build & Price date

    A little birdie told me we’re getting a MT V12 900 HP bronco in 2022!
  8. bsb78

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Welp, egg on my face. Hope it comes out soon.
  9. bsb78

    Bronco Build & Price date

    I took the Bronco Sport B&P link, removed the “sport” part of it, and got this. Looks like we’re close
  10. bsb78

    Is This A New Mystery (Green) Bronco at Super Celebration East? (Not the Overland Area 51)

    Ford: we’re giving you a bold green! Forum: YESSSS Ford: it’s trim locked, costs $50k, late availability, and some of you will hate it.
  11. bsb78

    Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    I hope they’ll show everything for the upcoming model year in build and price, but I guess we’ll see. Ford hasn’t been totally transparent yet since the reveal.
  12. bsb78

    Camouflaged topper on Bronco prototype a pop-up camper roof tent or power soft top?

    He’ll be pitching more than one tent of his... :sneaky:
  13. bsb78

    Report: 2022 Bronco Hybrid Will Get a 3.0-Liter V6, Up To 450+ HP

    TLDR: F it, do what you want but the complaining is driving me insane. Ford can’t create perfect vehicle for every customer Y’all: You have to realize that Ford can’t release all their plans at once. It’s a logistics and production nightmare. If you think the delays are bad now, add some...
  14. bsb78

    Bronco Two/Four Door listed as available SPRING 2021

    Yeah, launch was delayed a couple months, so this makes sense. From Dec 2020 to March 2021
  15. bsb78

    Yeah! Velocity Blue

    It was a late add. My guess is that since it’s (currently) not available at launch, they didn’t add it to the colorizer to deceive people
  16. bsb78

    2 door rear seats NOT removable

    Anything is removable if you put your mind to it
  17. bsb78

    Lockers/Posi and 7 speed no Sasquatch base model

    Don’t think so. You’d have to go Badlands if you wanted that, no Sasquatch.