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  1. Peaked

    Lux Package, Why Can’t I Quit You?

    what deters me away from the B&O is if the subwoofer is going to take space from the cargo area and I have yet to find wether it does or not. Anyone have the specs on that?
  2. Peaked

    37’s and Fox Suspension on Bronco Outer Banks @ King of Hammers (KOH)

    Lol I I almost hit the pa Lmao i almost hit the panic button but went and researched immediately and let’s just say my blood pressure lowered when I figured you were messing around!
  3. Peaked

    Bronco Longboard Concept – 2DR LWB Imagined

    It’s crazy that I been battling the whole “2dr looks way better but I get more cargo with the 4dr“ dispute in my head and here lies the perfect solution! I would grab this squatched in sandstorm green without hesitation!
  4. Peaked

    Configuration: Aux Switches and Accessory Rail

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me how I would implement a battery kill switch to one of the upfitter switches. Thank you in advance!
  5. Peaked

    37’s and Fox Suspension on Bronco Outer Banks @ King of Hammers (KOH)

    Wait I can’t tell if this was a joke or not but delivery for 2023 was really cutoff already. I’m slow...
  6. Peaked

    Levine says 2022 Bronco (22MY) will get multiple new colors and special editions

    As of late I been very tempted to create a Twitter account just to comment on Levine’s tweets and express to him on how shaky he and Ford have handled the PR and production of this vehicle, and how I can’t be swayed by the bs by throwing a few colors at me for the my22 but I’m pretty sure there...
  7. Peaked

    Bronco 2-Door(less) Badlands Walkaround

    Lol that’s why I plan on having mine off for most of the time!