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  1. bytheway

    Spotted Bronco conducting towing / trailering test in MI

    I've got a pop up A-frame camper I'd like to pull occasionally. Weighs probably 2000lbs wet. If the Bronco doesn't handle it my wife's Palisade can tow 5,000 but don't really want to put a hitch on there if I don't have to.
  2. bytheway

    Warning 4 door trims and Cupholders

    They count the mesh door pockets as beverage holders but they’re not good for anything besides water bottles.
  3. bytheway

    My dealer found out what his demo will be!!

    Here’s what my dealer said a few weeks ago: @flip
  4. bytheway

    Kentuckiana Bronco Club

    @KyTruckPlant I used to live in Goshen. Settlers Point neighborhood. In Crestwood/Buckner now.
  5. bytheway

    USPS announces the LLV replacement

    I thought for sure the Transit would win that bid. I was under the impression it was based off a transit cargo van. I figured that alone would make it an easy winner due to the proven production capabilities.
  6. bytheway

    Analysis: 2021 Bronco Color Choices by Region

    Just noticed velocity blue has a higher percentage than carbonized gray despite having one fewer unit. Math error?
  7. bytheway

    Hot Wheels 2021 Bronco 2-Door THEY ARE HERE! Custom Cactus Gray Bronco Hot Wheel on Ebay
  8. bytheway

    Analysis: 2021 Bronco Color Choices by Region

    I was interested to see what region kentucky was in because it’s always a surprise. Not south, not north, not Midwest. You never know where it will end up.
  9. bytheway

    Lightning Blue 2021 Bronco First Edition 2-Door Fastback Soft Top quick driving clip

    God I would order Lightning Blue so fast if it were available on other models.
  10. bytheway

    Cactus Gray Bronco Big Bend Video by DP Racing

    2300 miles on the odometer. Must be the same one spotted testing the bike rack.
  11. bytheway

    Cactus Gray Bronco Big Bend Video by DP Racing

    At first I thought there was tape on the bottom of the soft top. Not sure what's going on here other than it's wet.
  12. bytheway

    📷:Wilds of Ann Arbor. Wildtrak or FE 4 door! 🍑

    I was about to post this. I was just thinking of changing away from carbonized before it popped up. Need to see more Velocity Blue in the wild to know for sure. Carbonized looks great here even dirty.
  13. bytheway

    Sasquatch pushes all orders to MY2022??

    If squatch bumps me to '22 I'll just drop it and go with the 33's. Been my plan all along.
  14. bytheway

    Carbonized Gray Badlands and Rapid Red Big Bend Sasquatch with Soft Top in Michigan

    That's how I feel about it. Not the most exciting color but never gives me cringes like some of the other colors.
  15. bytheway

    Aftermarket companies you hope to see?

    I found this product today while browsing for something else. For those looking to carry extra fuel. Perhaps they will develop something for Bronco.
  16. bytheway

    Diecast 1/24 Bronco by Maisto available for pre-order

    I'll probably wait until they are available to buy. I don't need another Bronco "pre-order" to worry about unless there is some benefit to doing so.
  17. bytheway

    I’m not a Jeep Wrangler person. How will Bronco ride quality compare?

    It wasn't the best driving car I've ever tried, but people make it seem like they are hard to keep on the highway, similar to what the OP described about his experience. I found it to be "fine". The overall package is not something I would buy though, which is why I've avoided Wranglers for so long.
  18. bytheway

    Top Car Colors of 2020 (78% White, Black, Gray, or Silver) vs Bronco6G Member Ordered Colors

    I'd get Lightning Blue in a heartbeat but I'm not getting a FE. I've never really liked Velocity Blue on any vehicle I've seen. Maybe if I could see more pics of it on a Bronco I could be convinced. But as soon as they started building some the stig got outed and I haven't seen it since. Going...
  19. bytheway

    Special Order Paint?

    You can special order paint from Ford... if you're a fleet customer on certain models with a minimum quantity.