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  1. Rover72

    Photos of 4 door White Badlands with SAS?

    I am in S. Florida also, a transplant 2 years ago. The 33's look good and work for me. I plan to travel and wheel a bit out of state and know the 33's will go over anything I will try to climb. I see why some like the 35's with the larger than life beast look. Even if you won't use the 35's for...
  2. Rover72

    Rugged Mountain Man vs Sophisticated CEO?

    Go AMB which is definitely the City Slicker and if you decide it doesn't work wrap it Carbonized Gray and be that Mountain man with the City Slicker underneath.
  3. Rover72

    Are you happy?

    I am happy to be in line for a Bronco with the spec's that Ford has designed. I am unhappy with waiting and who isn't, no big deal, just get it right. Pandemic hasn't helped Ford, so, act of God I have to accept. The thing that I would feel better about is getting real Bronco specification...
  4. Rover72

    1975 Bronco for sale on eBay for $225K - Discuss

    I have seen many upgraded fully restored EB's lifted with new V8's and all mechanicals upgraded sell online for 70K+-. No need to pay much more than that to get new running / old styling with performance mechanicals.
  5. Rover72

    Theft Prevention...

    Just looked at the Ravelco site. This looks like a winner solution to me. How much damage did they do in the breakins?
  6. Rover72

    Badlands 4dr Base Price: Package price inclusion change was the culprit!

    I have built my truck many times and if you don't reset the build tool it holds some errant data and has yielded the wrong price from time to time. Not saying this is your issue. This is the only discrepancy I have seen other than the auto tranny increase and lease $645. fee.
  7. Rover72

    Will MGV interior withstand pouring rain and wet outsides overnight?

    I wouldn't trust that the all the electronics are waterproof unless it is covered under the warranty. Other than that what has been specified water proof or water resistant probably will be ok to some amount of exposure. I am thinking the marine grade vinyl and wash out floor are so you can wet...
  8. Rover72

    On Board Air? Power tank verses ARB twin compressor. Opinions Please

    Thanks for the suggestion and link. I just clicked the link, added it to my Amazon cart, set it as save for later and there it will wait as an option for when the Bronco gets delivered.
  9. Rover72

    On Board Air? Power tank verses ARB twin compressor. Opinions Please

    Interested in learning a bit as I plan to start wheeling once I get the Bronco. I have zero experience airing up & down and am trying to learn about the requirements of a compressor and when to air down for rocks, sand, lumpy trail or mud. Have to keep an eye on this thread for compressor...
  10. Rover72

    Dirty Dealing?? - What would you do?

    Ford stated no transfer of reservations. Another dealer peddling vaporware.
  11. Rover72

    2 Door Area 51 First Edition Ride Along with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

    These KOH video's make me want to go there next year! Coming from the Southeast coast does any one have a suggestion on a closest town to stop and maybe rent an RV or to stock up prior to heading to the KOH? I will look on a map / scout it out. Thinking someone from the area may provide a...
  12. Rover72

    Ford Recall Woes

    Good point! Sport coming out first having these issues should be a learning point on where Ford is failing and they can correct for the Big Bronco. Hoping so.
  13. Rover72

    Fuel Economy of OBX vs Badlands

    @DesertRat - I think your method of trying to build a range of cost difference is the most useful way to create some data that can be useful to estimate the actual answer for the OP. If he takes a guestimate of the extremes of the expected mileage (who knows?, say low end BL = 16mpg vs high...
  14. Rover72

    Did KOH change your mind on anything regarding your build? Back & Forth...

    @indio22 My Series is an 88 also with that vintage Marine Blue which I think will be very close to the Area 51 from pictures I have seen. I think you are getting great value with the Base and the tire swap filling the wheel arches better than stock tires. Just retired, this Bronco will be my...
  15. Rover72

    Did KOH change your mind on anything regarding your build? Back & Forth...

    After watching KOH I'm in for the High package in my non SAS BL instead of Mid. If I was able to have ordered shortly after joining B6G I would have ordered a 4dr, 2.7, BD with Mid, now after absorbing B6G content, 2dr, 2.3, BL with high.
  16. Rover72

    Walk in orders

    Nobody gives a 50K deposit on a vehicle without something promised in return. Time will tell if the dealer can deliver a 21 and only Ford & the dealer know what is possible.
  17. Rover72

    Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon: Head to Head Comparison Series - Beginning With Ordering

    Its an interesting exercise. I'm sure you & your daughter will have a blast. Enjoy the ride! After reading your list, there are some comparisons that won't work - like ordering, since Ford is just getting this new Gen launched and Jeep has been moving Wranglers for years. The aftermarket for...
  18. Rover72

    [+ Videos] My KOH Write-Up: Manual Bronco Badlands, non Sasquatch experience

    Excellent write up. Thanks for all the details!
  19. Rover72

    2.7 BD vs 2.3 BL

    @Hjhof FWIW - I test drove a Ranger and the 2.3 seemed very capable for the short time I drove it. After reading many 2.3 reviews on B6G from folks with them in Rangers or other vehicles I have not read one comment stating the 2.3 hasn't been OK. I have heard some questioning the 2.3 and...
  20. Rover72

    Original Bronco Camper

    Love the original Cyber Orange paint & the spare on the front bumper with the safety chain. One word for this - Ballsy - or as my kids would say - sickkk