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  1. Flourman

    Bronco needs the 2021 F-150 PowerBoost's 7.2kw Onboard Generator

    The Powerboost will be my next truck
  2. Flourman

    2 Door Area 51 First Edition Ride Along with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

    Looks like the RTR bronco was aired down too.
  3. Flourman


    Also, I’ve found that when the pump stops, don’t “top off” or you end up with fuel down the side of your rig.
  4. Flourman

    B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    Is that an NP205 or a doubler? Super high five if it’s the BW doubler set up.
  5. Flourman

    B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    Can you drive with three sticks?
  6. Flourman

    B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    And 50% of those that can’t will still vote they can because they want to feel included.
  7. Flourman

    Keyless Entry Pad. Worth The Money?

    It’s a $100. WTF cares. Get it, don’t like it, rip it off.
  8. Flourman

    Another KOH Bronco video - Hill Climb, Accelerating in 4Low, One Touch

    The low range is a completely different gear set within the transfer case. In modern transfer cases, it’s a planetary gear set. It doesn’t shift in and out on speed. There are no clutches for low range so the input and output of the transfer case needs to be as close to stopped as possible...
  9. Flourman

    More Bronco pics from KOH and manual transmission short ride review

    For the manual, how much was he shifting in the whoops and deep sand or just letting the boosty boi eat a bit more?
  10. Flourman

    Manual seats in 2dr Bronco

    The only time my electric seats move is after the dealership changes the oil. Not concerned at all with manual seats.
  11. Flourman

    Do G.O.A.T modes make a difference to a skilled driver?

    A skilled driver can do almost all of the things. But there’s the issue. The driver has to do them, recognize when to do them and do them right. The computer in the truck is doing all of the things while the driver just has to focus on driving. This makes the whole rig/driver much more...
  12. Flourman

    What will run out first? V6 or Sasquatch!

    This. And I do hope they run out because I’ve got the 2.3 and manual!! Let’s just hope those Lux components hold out.
  13. Flourman

    2.7l and 10 speed reliabilty, turbos shot at 40k

    I’ve got 65k on my 2018 3.5EB in my F150. I had the cam phaser issue and Ford replaced it under warranty. I replaced the 4wd hub vacuum check valve. Other than those, I’ve had nothing but smiles. Oil and air filters at regular intervals. It’s towing a camper every weekend during the summer...
  14. Flourman

    Why so many used Rangers at the dealership ?

    Or the dealer is bringing in more used vehicles to hit the still hot mid-size truck market.
  15. Flourman

    Engine Block Heater value?

    I drove a 1975 F150 with a carb and ran 10w40 oil, in Minnesota for 3 years and never felt a need for a block heater. It started fine every morning even at 30 below for about a week. I did put a trickle charger on every night. My current F150 is a Canadian import and has a block heater, which...
  16. Flourman

    📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Just submitted mine. 97 confirmed allocated, 25 ordered. Top 5 time stamp for me.
  17. Flourman

    Member count vs Reservation timestamp

    7/13 22:49 time stamp confirmed with Ford.
  18. Flourman

    Snow Traction | Badlands Tires v Sasquatch tires

    I’m on the Colorado Jeep Owner Facebook group and EVERYONE on there claims the KO2’s are terrible in snow. Myself, I think the KO2’s are a great, all around tire that works well about anywhere. My ONLY gripe about KO2’s are that they notorious rock chuckers. The tread style and pattern are...